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No7, Rimmel London & Models Own, more additions to the collection...

Recently I seem to be changing the colour of my nails everyday! They're not in the best condition at the moment (I blame washing up and cleaning) but I'm trying to wait a little longer before I apply some new false ones. The nail polishes below are the latest in my growing collection...
No7 Vivid Violet, Rimmel London Heart on Fire and Urban Purple
(You can get 2 Rimmel London Nail Polishes for £6 @ Boots at the moment)
 I am in love with each of these colours, and what's even better is that they were all a bargain! The Rimmel London polishes were on offer (mentioned above), and I was able to put one of my very many No7 £5 off vouchers towards the purple polish. Every time I spend my No7 vouchers I get given a new one - it's awesome! Although I absolutely adore the colour 'Vivid Violet,' the nail polish seems to be TOO runny, and a little separated - though maybe I just picked a bad one? I had to give it a real good shake and needed to apply more than one coat to get the colour I expected. I'm not to keen on the shape of the No7 bottles and I feel like the brush is too long. It didn't seem to live up to being 'Pigment Rich' either and was messy to apply, but once you've persevered and applied a couple of layers the colour is stunning! As for the Rimmel Polishes, I simply can't find fault with them. I love that they have 'maxi' brushes, as I find them much easier to paint with. The colours are more pigmented, one coat did the job, but I do always like to apply a couple of layers for full effect. Heart on Fire is a bright sexy red, something which every woman should own! The urban purple is a gorgeous deep magenta colour, which is a nice change from your standard red/pink.

For some reason I don't own a pink nail polish - even though I absolutely adore pink! My mum has kindly lent me her Models Own 'Pink Blush' nail polish, which I have fallen in love with. I think I might have to keep this one and buy her a new one. It's a sort of Barbie pink colour - bright, but not neon, and has quite a creamy texture. LOVE IT.

Models Own - Pink Blush
 Speaking of nails, before Christmas I bought these gorgeous false nails from the wonderful Dainty Nails. However after receiving them, as much as I adore them, I decided they just weren't going to suit me, as they're a little too long for my liking. They have never been used and come with the glue and information leaflet. If anyone would like them, I'll charge just £3 and post out for free. Comment below with your email address and I'll be in touch.

One more thing - do you find painting your nails therapeutic? I can remember one of my best friends saying she really enjoyed painting her nails and found it relaxing, however I find it a little frustrating, probably because I'm impatient and something always goes a little bit wrong... How about you?

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