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Sugar Rush

I am so pleased that pastels shades are the colours to be wearing this coming spring. Pinks, lilacs, peppermint greens and pale washed blues - I don't think you get much prettier colours! Of course Topshop have bought out a collection of 'Pretty Pastels' to die for. Here are a few of my favourite items...
1. Knitted Textured Grunge Jumper 2. Flat Top Plastic Sunglasses 3. GLIMMER Glitter pointed shoes 4. Parma Violet Nail Polish 5. Lace Flippy Tunic 6. Pink Double Handle Chain Bag
It was hard to choose just a few favourites, I'm pretty much lusting over the whole collection. I even adore the Moto Stripe high waist hotpants - but lets be realistic, my thighs aren't going to look 'oh so pretty' in those.

What's your favourite item from the collection?


Images do not belong to me, they are credited to Topshop.com


  1. The parma violet nail polish is to die for! Love the colour!

    Amy x

  2. defiantly the bag and jumper!


    1. I think I'm going to have to buy the jumper when I have some money! Love it! xo

  3. The jumper and the dress are beautiful! xoxo