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Window Shopping take 2.

1. Glamorous Navy & White Emma Blouse - Ark Clothing 2. Harriet Red Rocking Horse Print Dress - Dahlia 3. Rainbow Horse Ring - Melody Sweetpea 5. Carved Rose eclectic Alice band - Accessorize

I'm so proud of myself for remembering to stick to my Monday window shopping post! I hope you like the items I've found this week. After posting last week's items I ended up purchasing the MissGuided coat, but in black, it's perfect (will feature an outfit post with it sometime) and the handbag from Accessorize - the best bag I've ever bought! My favourite item out of the collection I've featured this week is the Rainbow Horse Ring by Melody Sweetpea. I bought a rhinestone swan ring from them last year, which I absolutely love! It's big, stunning, and sparkling - so many people have complimented it. The rainbow horse ring has been purchased by Rebecca Ferguson, who actually wore it at one of her auditions for the X Factor! If you like unique, large, eye catching rings, Melody Sweetpea is the place to go!


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