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Window Shopping : Urban Outfitters do Valentines

1. Heart Spatula 2. I really love you card 3. Sweet Nothings 4. Stackable Heart Initial Ring 5. Bunny Ring Holder 6. Initial Face Watch 7. Heart Tea Pot 8. Kisslock initial purse
So a slightly different 'Window Shopping' post, and maybe slightly premature for Valentines, but I couldn't help showcasing my favourite items from Urban Outfitter's gift ideas. To be honest, James and I don't really celebrate the day in the way most couples do, no lavish expensive meals or hotel stays. I quite like our Valentine's Days just the way they are. One year we sat in our bedroom and made each other cards, because neither of us had bought one. He designed a creative heart design card, mine was simply a child-like drawing of us - in it's own 'special' way it was a masterpiece. Last year James crashed his motorbike a few days before Valentine's day, and we ended up spending it visiting the hospital, for a check-up, followed by a Zombie movie. So yeah, we don't really do it the way others do, and we don't really do 'presents' but I thought I'd show you some things I liked from U.O - whether they're bought as Valentine's presents or not! As you can see I'm currently favouring initial items. Absolutely love the watch (I don't own a watch) and Kisslock purse (I have a million purses).

How do you celebrate Valentine's day? Or do you just see it as an ordinary day?

PS I know I said we don't do presents but...
I really would like this Mug


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  1. I don't do valentines day...I'm miss always single and not looking! I do enjoy making baked goods for friends/family though..so maybe I do like it a little! I love the initial watch!