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Bags of Bags

My mum says I get my love for handbags and purses from my Grandma. She used to have so many handbags, and my collection is ever growing. Here's just a few that I own:

Cath Kidston, Accessorize, Paperchase, Ted Baker, New Look, Miss Selfridge
I like having a choice of bags to take out with me. You need to have different bags for different occasions, you wouldn't want to be taking a shopper bag on a night out, or a small clutch bag to university! I seem to have a lot of purses, which aren't as useful to be honest. My Ted Baker purse (the magenta coloured one) is my absolute favourite, but I can't fit my cards in, so it isn't very practical. I own a larger floral print purse from Accessorize, which is much more practical for everyday use. My favourite bag is my gorgeous Cath Kidston bag - which is also my newest purchase. My parent's were so lovely sending me money to buy it when I was waiting for my train at St Pancras. They have a lovely little Cath Kidston store in the station. I could have spent hours in there! It was so hard choosing from their collection of gorgeous bags, there was so many, from shoppers to satchels, to rucksacks and box bags, but in the end I decided this size was perfect and I didn't already own a bag shaped like this. I also had trouble choosing a pattern, I knew I wanted floral, as opposed to bird print or polkadot, but there was still so many colours to choose from! After a little conversation with the lovely shop assistant I decided to go for this pattern, because it was from their newest collection.

Looking to treat yourself to a new bag? Here are some of my favourites from High Street retailers:
Topshop Pink Padded Heart Bag
Cute size - has both a handle and across the body strap. 

Topshop Coral Heart Cut-out Frame Purse
Love the colour of this purse, but is equally as nice in  Lilac!
It can also apparently fit a credit card in - both practical and pretty.

River Island - Gold Embellished Bead Clutch
I saw this in store the other day, and it is just as beautiful as it looks online.
I think a bag like this has to be saved for special occasions though, I'd be worried about losing beads and destroying the design!

Ted Baker Strabe Straw Shopper Bag available at ASOS
I adore the cute little pink bow, the straw texture and the embossed Ted Baker logo.
Ted Baker have some gorgeous shoppers on their website too!

Oh Beehive!

I was hoping to do an outfit post this week, but having a rubbish camera / no one to take my photos means that it just hasn't happened. I have however been experimenting with my hair. I'm always terrified of back combing, ever since my days of scene-esque hair left it in rather a poor condition. I'm desperate to be able to do proper beehive hair - somebody teach me please!

In other news, I've been adding more pieces to Megan Jane Jewellery. I'm trying to start promoting much more, and looking to work with bloggers, magazines and boutiques - all very exciting! 

Here's a couple of my latest makes:
Find me here!

Find me here!

I've been really naughty working on my jewellery this week, when really I should be doing my University work. Whoops. I'm just so much more passionate about my little hobby / business!

I don't really have much planned for the weekend - other than maybe actually doing some university work, and going to the gym. I joined the gym just before Christmas, but was so scared that until yesterday I'd only ever gone swimming. I'm now proud to say that I've conquered my gym-fear and actually enjoyed my work out yesterday. Another tick off my NY resolutions, that I never actually wrote down, but stored in my head. A mental tick.


My favourites

Getting to know me - I'm going to post a series of favourites, just ten at a time so you're not here all day reading! Some things will be more personal than others - some will be a little random. If there's anything in particular that you'd like to know or ask, fire away in the comments below! xo

1. Favourite pet I ever had:
I couldn't pick between my pets. I love my dog Jazz and cat Thomas to bits! But I do miss Tabetha, she was Thomas's sister, and was such a darling.
Jazz the German Shepherd cross Border Collie

2. Favourite meal:
I would normally say vegetarian curry without having to think, but I am quite in love with butternut squash ravioli in butter sauce too.

3. Favourite Book:
Out of all the books I've read so far, I'd have to say The Time Traveler's Wife. I bawled at the end, so much that my mum can't bring herself to read it.

4. Favourite Flowers:
Again this is difficult! I love pink roses, lilies (although I'm not keen on the smell) and I have a new thing for Peonies - probably because I want to be Blair Waldorf.

5. The one food item I can never run out of:
Cheese. This use to be a big problem when I lived with my parents & James, we'd always run out of cheese, and for a vegetarian, that is disastrous. I also hate running out of milk - I need to know that I can make a cup of tea whenever I want a cup of tea.

6. Favourite perfume:
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

7.  Favourite hobby:
Making jewellery of course! It will be 3 years this May since I started Megan Jane Jewellery.

8. The prettiest shiny object I've ever owned:
I have three pretty shiny objects. A beautiful vintage diamond ring that belonged to my Grandma, a stunning rainbow crystal necklace, which James bought me for our first Christmas together, and the my gorgeous pendant that he bought me last Christmas. I'm like a magpie when it comes to shiny things.

9. Favourite outfit:
At the moment I love wearing my ASOS navy polka dot dress with black tights, nude small heels, my MissGuided black faux fur coat and Pompadour Pink Rockalily lipstick. 

10. My Favourite Secret:
It's not a secret any more so I can tell you. I can remember being 9 years old and my mum and dad telling me that my dad was going to be on television, but it was a secret so I couldn't tell any of my friends until filming was completed. My dad used to have his own Kitchen / Bedroom / Bathroom fitting business, and was asked to appear on Better Homes. He won the show for a kitchen he fitted for a lady and her daughter, who had disabilities and needed the kitchen adapting so she could have fun baking with her mum! I so desperately wanted to tell my friends and it was so hard keeping it a secret in the playground. I remember teasing them saying that I had a secret but couldn't tell them yet, and they all thought my mum was pregnant. Hahaha!


Megan Jane Jewellery

Top from Levi's
Jewellery : Megan Jane Jewellery
Lipstick : Rockalily Pompadour Pink

My beautiful new business cards!
My jewellery is started to get noticed a bit more, which is so exciting! This week Stef from The Clothes Maiden did a little feature post on Megan Jane Jewellery - thanks Stef! I'm looking for ways to promote my jewellery more so if you've got any suggestions, or ideas that have worked for you and your small businesses, please get in touch.


Window Shopping

1. Bolingbroke Tee - Aubin & Wills 2. Glamorous Mink Sheila Top - Ark 3. Coral double collar shift dress - River Island 4. Claudia Cargidan - Ark 5.Skinny Belt with heart buckle - ASOS 6.Valentina Heart Ballet Pumps - Topshop 7. Light Pink Pearl Collar Top - River Island

 Here's the gorgeous items I spotted over the weekend! Those of you who know me may be shocked by the first item, but let me just point out, just because I'm not a fan of Jack Wills - doesn't mean I can't like Aubin & Wills! I absolutely adore both the River Island items I've included, which is funny because I never usually shop there. What's your favourite item above?

I'm having such a lazy day today, which is bad as I should be doing something productive like my law essay. I have sent interview requests out to people for my documentary though so I guess that's something, and I've cleaned the fridge, and now I'm going to complete the rest of the tasks on my to-do list for the day. I'm looking forward to going back up to my mum and dad's tomorrow, I only saw them Saturday but it's always lovely to spend time there. As it's pancake day James is going to join us after work for a feast of delicious pancakes, with orange juice. My dad makes the best pancakes.

I'm hoping to get an outfit post in this week - I don't usually do them as I'm not the best at taking photos of myself, but I do want to start injecting more fashion based posts into my blog. Oh and just in case anyone was wondering, I haven't forgotten it is London fashion week, I've just chosen to slide over it, as there's much more knowledgeable bloggers out there!

On a final note, I am selling two gorgeous dresses (that I just don't seem to ever wear) on eBay, they have a few days left on them if anyone is interested.


My dream bathroom

I'm back! Apologies for the lack of posting but I was busy surviving my news week at University! It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be, and I did quite enjoy spending time and working with some of my friends on the course. This is just a short and sweet post featuring some of the gorgeous bathroom accessories from my favourite homeware store, Next.
1. Pink Accessory Set  2. Bathroom Wall Plaque 3. Bird Mirror 4. Wooden Bin 5. Storage Boxes 6. Pink Glass Jar
I would have a wall of vintage patterned wallpaper, pink sorbet towels and floral scented soaps. I'd buy a pink toilet seat and have a free - standing roll top bath. It would be my own pretty little, sweet smelling, pampering room. 

I currently rent the house I live in, so there isn't much point decorating, but I can't wait until I have my own house to put my own stamp on, one day. I'm not sure James would agree to such a girly bathroom though? Well maybe I could bribe him with a games room...

Jewellery Crush ft Tatty Devine

If you don't know already (where have you been?) I am really into jewellery. As a jewellery maker myself there are particular brands which I really admire including the wonderful Tatty Devine. I was first introduced to this crazy quirky brand by my friend Lou, who owned a few of their pieces. I am yet to purchase a piece from Tatty Devine, simply because I am having to be a good girl and save my pennies, but as soon as I start spending again there will definitely be a piece or two (I have to limit myself) nearing the top of my wish list! Here's a few key pieces that I adore from their S/S '12 Mexican inspired collection.
1. Sugar Skull Earrings 2. Posie Bracelet 3. Posie Ribbon - brights 4. Sugar Skull Link Necklace 5. Mexican Embroidery Blue Bird earrings
This new offbeat collection clearly draws on the Mexican tradition of 'Day of the Dead' for inspiration. Day of the Dead is where people remember those that they've lost, and often create bright, fancy patterned sugar skulls. As well as including sugar skull jewellery - which I've always been a huge fan of - Tatty Devine have incorporated gorgeous floral pieces and quirky bird designs into their collection, to add a little spring time essence.

What is your favourite piece from their new collection? Do you own any TD jewellery?


Quirky Dogs

Just a little post today as I've got a hundred and one things I should be doing! Next week I have a 'News Week' at university, which basically equals = hell on earth for me. I am a TV reporter Monday, camera person Tuesday and then radio reporter Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, which means I need a story for every single day...and breathe! It probably means that unless I can schedule posts over the weekend, there will be a lack of blogging from me next week, but I promise it'll all be back to normal after that. Today I decided to update the photographs of the jewellery on my website, and used a new background. I picked the pink candy stripes as they match the packets I send out orders in!
Woof! The dog. My latest necklace make.
Also available in these colours. £3
Hope you like my new little doggy necklaces!

A quick Hello to my new lovely followers (and my old followers too of course) I will make sure I reply to all of your comments and pop over to your blogs, when I get a minute.


Wishlist ft home accessories

1. Joseph Joseph Mix Tape Chopping Board @ Urban Outfitters 2. Ditsy Rose Cutlery Set - Next 3. Owl Cushion - Urban Outfitters 4.Ditsy Print Dogs - Next 5. Hydrangea Arrangement - Next 6. Set of 3 flower pots - Next

I decided to do a home accessories wishlist this week, instead of a fashion / jewellery based one. Apologies for another Next related post - I'm simply in love with their homeware! If you've seen pictures of the kitchen accessories I got for Christmas, you'll notice they're all Next

 I love faux flower arrangements like the Hydrangea's above - they remind me of that episode of Gossip Girl where Jenny compliments Blair's flower arrangement and she simply replies saying 'they're Hyndrangeas.' Jenny then goes to buy some herself and takes great pleasure in saying the same thing when someone asks her about the flowers.  Wow that was one hell of a ramble and probably bares no meaning unless you're a big Gossip Girl fan too!

Anyway...I already have faux lillies in my lounge, which I bought just before Habitat closed down in Nottingham. They're so beautiful and most people can't even tell they're fake until I tell them

Don't you just love these little ditsy print doggy ornaments? They'd look beautiful in my living room too!

What's your favourite item on my wishlist?
Where do you usually buy home accessories from?


Next knows Knits.

If there's one place I can trust when it comes to Knitwear, it's NEXT. Their jumpers, cardigans and sweaters are always of great quality, up-to-date with the latest trends, and keep you warm and cosy! With temperatures in Britain dropping, it looks like knitwear is going to be an essential throughout the spring. Here's how I'd style some of Next's lovely cardigans and sweaters...    
                                 NEXT Space Dye Cardigan in Terracotta / Super Skinny Indigo Wash Jeans / Patent Lace Ups
The Tailors on Etsy Pearl Glass Bead detachable Peter Pan Collar 

NEXT Stripe Sweater / Zip Pocket Skinny Jeans in Jade / Leather Boat Shoes

NEXT White Stitch Sweater / Tan Leather Twin Pocket Bag / Patent Ballerinas /  Super Skinny Indigo Wash Jeans
Megan Jane Jewellery Queen Bee Necklace
NEXT Textured Stripe Cardigan / Suede High Point court shoes / Ruched Waist linen blend dress / Chocolate Stitch Belt / Blue Floral Embellished Shopper 

Do you own any knitwear from NEXT? How do you style it up?


All images credited to NEXT - Post submitted to the Next Blogger Network.


Models Own Pink Blush / Saffron Gold Sparkles
Design idea inspired by Fee from Makeup Savvy

Pompadour Pink - of course!

Dress: ASOS Nails: Models Own Ring: Outfit Necklace: Megan Jane Jewellery
Bracelet: Megan Jane Jewellery

Rockalily Lipstick Station @ ZOMG

Here are a few images from my little trip to London! I had a fabulous time with my friend Emily, it was so good to see her. I also enjoyed exploring London and doing a little sight seeing, as you can see from the images above. I looked like a right little tourist! I have been to London before, but spent most of my time strolling up and down Oxford Street, so I thought this time I would have a better look around.

Apologies for the lack of photos from the bloggers bash! Unfortunately my camera was playing up, but if you would like to see more pictures I recommend popping over to Amy's blog, as she has a few more. Before the event I ventured to St Pancras (on my own on the tube - I was so proud) and met up with a few lovely girlies, including Amy, Tami and Laura. I'm so glad I met them before, as I think I would have got lost on the way to the event, or turned up absolutely terrified. We were pretty shy with everyone else when we got there, but still managed to have a fabulous time creating cupcake designs, valentines cards and swatching some of Rockalily's gorgeous lipsticks. I now have ZOMG, Vintage Vixen and Mans Ruin on my wishlist. The venue was so beautiful with glamorous chandeliers dotted around the room.

Whilst I was there I also met up with Amy from 'The Cameras Lying.' She's such a lovely girl - I'm so jealous of her hair! Amy has kindly written a review of my jewellery, which you can have a read of here. The evening ended with two very different Burlesque performances - I'm so jealous of Miss Banbury Cross, she's such a beaut! All in all, despite being nervous/shy/terrified I had a wonderful night and hope to meet some of the lovely ladies again in the near future.

Oh and I'd just like to thank Tami again for taking me on all the different tubes to get me back to Covent Garden - I would have definitely got lost without you. And not forgetting a big thank you to ReeRee and Zoe for hosting such a fun event!

One more thing, just one I promise! A quick thank you to my new followers, on GFC and Blog Lovin. I am in the process of visiting you blogs and replying to your comments. I'm aware that GFC won't exist soon, so I really recommend moving over to Blog Lovin, or a similar website! I have made it my homepage so I never forget to catch up on all of my favourite blogs.