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Models Own Pink Blush / Saffron Gold Sparkles
Design idea inspired by Fee from Makeup Savvy

Pompadour Pink - of course!

Dress: ASOS Nails: Models Own Ring: Outfit Necklace: Megan Jane Jewellery
Bracelet: Megan Jane Jewellery

Rockalily Lipstick Station @ ZOMG

Here are a few images from my little trip to London! I had a fabulous time with my friend Emily, it was so good to see her. I also enjoyed exploring London and doing a little sight seeing, as you can see from the images above. I looked like a right little tourist! I have been to London before, but spent most of my time strolling up and down Oxford Street, so I thought this time I would have a better look around.

Apologies for the lack of photos from the bloggers bash! Unfortunately my camera was playing up, but if you would like to see more pictures I recommend popping over to Amy's blog, as she has a few more. Before the event I ventured to St Pancras (on my own on the tube - I was so proud) and met up with a few lovely girlies, including Amy, Tami and Laura. I'm so glad I met them before, as I think I would have got lost on the way to the event, or turned up absolutely terrified. We were pretty shy with everyone else when we got there, but still managed to have a fabulous time creating cupcake designs, valentines cards and swatching some of Rockalily's gorgeous lipsticks. I now have ZOMG, Vintage Vixen and Mans Ruin on my wishlist. The venue was so beautiful with glamorous chandeliers dotted around the room.

Whilst I was there I also met up with Amy from 'The Cameras Lying.' She's such a lovely girl - I'm so jealous of her hair! Amy has kindly written a review of my jewellery, which you can have a read of here. The evening ended with two very different Burlesque performances - I'm so jealous of Miss Banbury Cross, she's such a beaut! All in all, despite being nervous/shy/terrified I had a wonderful night and hope to meet some of the lovely ladies again in the near future.

Oh and I'd just like to thank Tami again for taking me on all the different tubes to get me back to Covent Garden - I would have definitely got lost without you. And not forgetting a big thank you to ReeRee and Zoe for hosting such a fun event!

One more thing, just one I promise! A quick thank you to my new followers, on GFC and Blog Lovin. I am in the process of visiting you blogs and replying to your comments. I'm aware that GFC won't exist soon, so I really recommend moving over to Blog Lovin, or a similar website! I have made it my homepage so I never forget to catch up on all of my favourite blogs.



  1. Such a cute post :) It was so lovely to meet you! xx

    1. Thanks chick! It was lovely to meet you too! xo

  2. Lovely post missy, was so nice to meet you! xx

  3. London looks amazing!

    1. Thanks for your comment Anita! Off to visit your blog xo

  4. I recently went to London! I miss it loads :( my friends go to university there. However I love your navy polka dot dress, can't believe its from ASOS...may have to go on the website and copy cat you!

    Gemma x


    1. Thank you! I had a good time there, think I'll be making a trip down there again when I can afford to! xo