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Quirky Dogs

Just a little post today as I've got a hundred and one things I should be doing! Next week I have a 'News Week' at university, which basically equals = hell on earth for me. I am a TV reporter Monday, camera person Tuesday and then radio reporter Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, which means I need a story for every single day...and breathe! It probably means that unless I can schedule posts over the weekend, there will be a lack of blogging from me next week, but I promise it'll all be back to normal after that. Today I decided to update the photographs of the jewellery on my website, and used a new background. I picked the pink candy stripes as they match the packets I send out orders in!
Woof! The dog. My latest necklace make.
Also available in these colours. £3
Hope you like my new little doggy necklaces!

A quick Hello to my new lovely followers (and my old followers too of course) I will make sure I reply to all of your comments and pop over to your blogs, when I get a minute.