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Window Shopping

1. Bolingbroke Tee - Aubin & Wills 2. Glamorous Mink Sheila Top - Ark 3. Coral double collar shift dress - River Island 4. Claudia Cargidan - Ark 5.Skinny Belt with heart buckle - ASOS 6.Valentina Heart Ballet Pumps - Topshop 7. Light Pink Pearl Collar Top - River Island

 Here's the gorgeous items I spotted over the weekend! Those of you who know me may be shocked by the first item, but let me just point out, just because I'm not a fan of Jack Wills - doesn't mean I can't like Aubin & Wills! I absolutely adore both the River Island items I've included, which is funny because I never usually shop there. What's your favourite item above?

I'm having such a lazy day today, which is bad as I should be doing something productive like my law essay. I have sent interview requests out to people for my documentary though so I guess that's something, and I've cleaned the fridge, and now I'm going to complete the rest of the tasks on my to-do list for the day. I'm looking forward to going back up to my mum and dad's tomorrow, I only saw them Saturday but it's always lovely to spend time there. As it's pancake day James is going to join us after work for a feast of delicious pancakes, with orange juice. My dad makes the best pancakes.

I'm hoping to get an outfit post in this week - I don't usually do them as I'm not the best at taking photos of myself, but I do want to start injecting more fashion based posts into my blog. Oh and just in case anyone was wondering, I haven't forgotten it is London fashion week, I've just chosen to slide over it, as there's much more knowledgeable bloggers out there!

On a final note, I am selling two gorgeous dresses (that I just don't seem to ever wear) on eBay, they have a few days left on them if anyone is interested.