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Wishlist ft home accessories

1. Joseph Joseph Mix Tape Chopping Board @ Urban Outfitters 2. Ditsy Rose Cutlery Set - Next 3. Owl Cushion - Urban Outfitters 4.Ditsy Print Dogs - Next 5. Hydrangea Arrangement - Next 6. Set of 3 flower pots - Next

I decided to do a home accessories wishlist this week, instead of a fashion / jewellery based one. Apologies for another Next related post - I'm simply in love with their homeware! If you've seen pictures of the kitchen accessories I got for Christmas, you'll notice they're all Next

 I love faux flower arrangements like the Hydrangea's above - they remind me of that episode of Gossip Girl where Jenny compliments Blair's flower arrangement and she simply replies saying 'they're Hyndrangeas.' Jenny then goes to buy some herself and takes great pleasure in saying the same thing when someone asks her about the flowers.  Wow that was one hell of a ramble and probably bares no meaning unless you're a big Gossip Girl fan too!

Anyway...I already have faux lillies in my lounge, which I bought just before Habitat closed down in Nottingham. They're so beautiful and most people can't even tell they're fake until I tell them

Don't you just love these little ditsy print doggy ornaments? They'd look beautiful in my living room too!

What's your favourite item on my wishlist?
Where do you usually buy home accessories from?