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Window Shopping - Dress Special

I think these four dresses are absolutely perfect for summer. The mint lace dress would be a lovely going out dress, and the black dress from Sugarlips would be perfect for a stroll a long the beach, and drinks at a beach side bar. I also love anything polka dot, so this strawberry pink dress really stood out for me. I think 1, 2 and 4 are versatile enough to wear all year round, as you could wear black tights with them and they'd still look gorgeous. I've been dying to buy a black maxi dress for ages but never get round to it, so this is a must buy for me this Spring/Summer! This black dress from Next has a falling piece of material down the front, and loose pleats, which is supposed to flatter your body shape - always a plus! If you've seen any gorgeous maxi dresses on the high street feel free to send me the links in the comments below. 

Which of these summer dresses is your favourite?


Sunday's Song

I was reminded of my love for this song after watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, with my mum earlier in the week. I originally fell in love with it after hearing it in the first Twilight film, where Edward and Bella are dancing at the end of the film. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I've just been out for a meal with James and his family! We went to Wagamamas - so yummy! xo


I'm always making little changes to my hair, going from a full fringe to side fringe, growing it  long and then cutting it off, but I hadn't coloured it in a good while, so thought I'd have a change. In a previous post I asked my lovely readers opinion on what colour I should dye it - copper or dip dye. I was already leaning towards going a gingery copper colour, and your comments confirmed that I should. Today I used a home dye hair kit for the first time - it was much easier than I thought it would be. I used L'OREAL Paris Sublime Mousse in Flaming Copper. I originally wanted to buy this dye but it was sold out in both the Boots stores I tried. I think I may try it sometime in the future though, as the colour looks amazing!

So here's the before and after pictures... (I haven't styled my hair or sorted my fringe out in either picture as I'm still trying to tame my fringe to the side, as it's grown out of it's full fringe cut.)

I think the colour has taken fairly well, and I don't think it looks too fake, as you can see different colour tones. I'm so pleased with the colour, and will no doubt intensify it and become more copper/ginger next time I dye it!

What do you think? It's nice to have a change right?

Next's Blogger of the month

I have only been part of the Next Blogger Network for a couple of months, so you can imagine my excitement when I was informed that I'd been chosen as their Blogger of the month for March! I really enjoy creating my posts for the network, and being a huge fan of Next (both clothing and homeware) I am always falling in love with new products and including them in my wish list posts. You can find the little interview I did here! Thank you to Steph and the team for choosing me.

Speaking of Next, I have a lovely new top to show you, which was a treat from my lovely mum! It is a tie hem shirt, but rather than wearing it the usual way, I decided to tuck it into my denim skirt, and use a pearl necklace to pull the collar in, to give it a different look. I absolutely adore prints, and can't get enough of the cute and quirky swans on this shirt!

Pearl Hair Pins- Coming soon to Megan Jane Jewellery
I have a very busy day tomorrow so it's likely that I won't get chance to post. I'm going on a trip to Banbury to interview Adoption UK for my documentary which is both exciting and nerve racking! I will be posting over the weekend though, and may even have 'new hair' to show you... if I'm brave enough to dye it. Every so often I feel the need to make a change in my appearance, I can feel it coming!


New at Megan Jane Jewellery

A few little things are happening with Megan Jane Jewellery, so I thought I'd do a little post to keep you updated! This is quite an image heavy post, but the first few images are exceptionally beautiful, so I think you'll let me off. I've been working with quite a few bloggers recently, to help promote my jewellery boutique. Charlotte is the latest fashion blogger to model Megan Jane Jewellery. Charlotte takes her own photos, which I think you will agree are stunning! I love the way she has styled up the jewellery, and hung the necklace and bracelet off the flowers. She has grasped the romantic, spring concept that the jewellery is based around just perfectly. Make sure you check out Charlotte's blog and Lookbook, I promise you, you'll be impressed!

Megan Jane Jewellery cameo necklace and floral bracelet modelled and photographed by Charlotte Clothier

Rose earrings

Megan Jane Jewellery Cameo necklace, modelled and photographed by Charlotte Clothier
I've been having a little think about how I can further improve my boutique, and have come to the conclusion that I need to start making a few of each pieces, rather than just 'one-offs.' I will still be making each piece myself, and each will vary slightly, as that's just the way it goes with handmade. I will also still be doing some completely unique pieces, such as the birdcages. I will make sure that I identify if a piece is a 'one-off' or if I have a few available, in the product descriptions. I know a few people have asked about the cameo necklace Charlotte is wearing in the images above, so I will hopefully be making a few more of these soon.

Finally, I have made a few cute/kitsch rings, studs and hairgrips today, so thought I'd share them with you...

Bunny Earrings £2.50 - Coming Soon.

Strawberry Bow Ring £2.00

Polka Dot Bow Ring £2.00

Lolly Hair Grip Pack of 3 £3.50 - to be listed soon
I hope you love the new items!

If you are interested in purchasing anything from my boutique, I am currently offering free worldwide delivery, when you enter the code 'FREEWW' at checkout. If you are interested in featuring Megan Jane Jewellery on your website, or would like to stock pieces in your boutique, feel free to email me: meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Soap and Glory - Show Good Face Review

Last week I finally ran out of my Rimmel foundation, so thought I'd try something new. I had twelve pounds worth of advantage points on my Boots card, so thought I'd give the Soap & Glory 'Show Good Face' foundation a try! It actually only cost me nine pounds worth of points, as it's be reduced from £11. I am a huge fan of Soap & Glory skincare, however this is the first of their makeup products that I've tried. This little review comes from someone who doesn't really have any expertise when it comes to makeup. So if you're looking for a 'normal girls' makeup point of view, without the use of any special make up words, read on!

I'm fairly pale, so picked the lightest colour (luckily there was just one left in store!) 

The product on my horrible vainy hand (apologies) I was going to
use my wrist but that was even worst.

The product rubbed into my skin.

The cute retro style packaging that the foundation came in!
Soap & Glory makeup packaging is consistent with the branding of the skincare packaging.
So as I mentioned above I am NO MAKE UP EXPERT, I am simply a normal (well we'll call me normal for the moment) girl, sharing my opinion!

First of all I am a huge fan of the Soap & Glory retro branding, I think it stands out from the rest of the products on the shelf, it definitely can't be mistaken for anything else out there, even if there are some cheaper brands that I've seen trying to replicate it in Supermarkets! The actual bottle itself is sleek and lightweight, small enough to fit in handbags and smaller clutches. The only thing I've found is it is a little tough to squeeze the product out.

The foundation itself
The foundation feels quite thick when you squeeze it out and almost feels like you are putting a cream on your face as opposed to makeup. Although the product feels thick, the coverage on your face is the opposite. I've found that it bares some resemblance to a tinted moisturiser, only with a little more colour if that makes sense. This won't be ideal for everyone, especially if you like complete coverage, however I quite like that it's not too thick, as I'm not a huge fan of foundation anyway, if I could get away with not wearing it at all I would definitely go bare. The product claims to leave a 'dewy, bright, flawless' finish - dewy I agree with, but I wouldn't go as far as saying 'flawless.'

Some extras
The foundation also claims to work as a primer - I don't know much about primers other than that they provide a good base for the rest of your makeup. I would say that this definitely leaves your skin feeling smooth, and would agree that it provides a good 'face base.' - I'm even rhyming my awful make-up words now, awesome.

All in all, I think this is a good foundation for people only wanting a light coverage. The product is easy to apply and rubs in relatively well. I wouldn't say it is the best foundation I have ever tried, however I feel that I am still yet to find my perfect foundation, so if you have any suggestions please comment below! I hope this has helped anyone who like me, isn't a beauty expert and needs an every-day-girl's point of view.


Sunday's Song

I'd forgotten just how much I love this song. It reminds me of my girls- lots of love to you if you are reading <3 (I know some of you sneakily do!)

Next week I've got a few things lined up for you including a little review of Soap and Glory's Foundation/Primer, some gorgeous photos of my jewellery by Charlotte Clothier, and a few new pieces for the boutique!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

Feel free to leave your blog links, I love to add new ones to my reading list.


Video does not belong to me - please find it here on Youtube

Hair dilemma

Left - long full fringe (growing out!) Right - Pushed to side fringe
Having a hair nightmare. I'm always changing my fringe from a full fringe, to a side fringe, to no fringe at all. Last time I went to the hair dressers I had my full fringe cut in again, however now it's got awfully long, and I don't know if to go back and have it cut back in, or grow it out and have a side fringe. I just said the word fringe way too many times. OOPS. Also I'm thinking of changing the colour, either dip dying it, when it has grown a little longer (I want my long hair back - luckily it grows quickly) or dying it a coppery red colour - total opposites I know! PLEASE HELP ME.

Here's a picture of the Barry M polish (Berry Ice Cream) I featured in the lilac post yesterday! I was able to take a photograph today since there was a little day light, though it has been quite a dull day here in Nottingham. I've added Models Own Juicy Jules to the tips.

I've finally handed in my law essay, so now have a little more time over the weekend for my jewellery and blog. I've added a lovely bee necklace and a dainty pair of star earrings to the store today. Oh and I've posted a WIWT look - trying to remember to do this a lot more.

Hope you all have a fun Friday night!


Lovely Lilac

1. Great Gatsby Glamour Dress - Miss Patina 2. Lilac Colardo Knit - Hearts & Bows @ Ark 3. Airtex Pleated Skirt - Topshop 4. Berry Ice Cream - Barry M 5. Cats Eye Sunglasses - Topshop
As the pastel trend of this spring swooped in and stole my heart, my love for lilac re-kindled. It was always my favourite colour when I was a younger - I had my whole room painted lilac, through my  younger teenage years and had countless numbers of lilac nail polishes and eye shadows. As I grew up I went off it, probably because it felt 'childish,' but now this sugary, sweet colour is back as a definite favourite. I absolutely love the Great Gatsby Glamour dress by Miss Patina, and definitely need to get my hands on a pair of cats eye sunglasses before summer! I bought the Barry M nail polish in Berry Ice Cream a couple of days ago. I've just tried it out and it's perfect. I have never had a Barry M polish before, but I can definitely see why all you bloggers have been raving over them! They're such fabulous quality, especially to say they're just £2.99! I've added a touch of glitter to the tips, to jazz them up a little. I'd post a picture but the lighting is simply far too poor at this time of night.

Keep your eyes peeled for more lilac-coloured pieces on Megan Jane Jewellery. I have made a gorgeous new Bee necklace which I will hopefully be listing tomorrow.

Are you loving lilac?


Images belong to Miss Patina, Topshop & Ark Clothing.

Family time

Had a fun day with my family today! We went out for food and had a look round some shops - bought myself the new (ish) Soap and Glory foundation (review coming soon) and a lilac (my new favourite colour) Barry M nail polish. Well my advantage card paid. Muhaha!

We joined in on the whole Tesco price error fiasco! The newest (still to be released) iPad was being sold (for pre-order) on Tesco for just £49.99 - which of course was an error, and absolutely ridiculous - but come on it was worth trying to buy it just for the hell of it! There's so many people laughing and calling people 'dumb' for buying into the offer. My parents and I just thought, what the hell, we won't lose anything by trying, as if they didn't honour the sale (which was the case), we'd just get our money back! No biggie. Just think, there was obviously only a really SMALL chance of them honouring the sale (which if you remember M&S had to do with those TVs after Facebook and Twitter campaigns fought back) but at the end of the day it was still a chance. If the people who bought the iPads for £49.99 had actually received them, then who'd be laughing?

Taking chances is fun - there's no harm with things like this!

Did anyone else try to buy one?



My favourite ever pair of shoes were bought from Office. They were pointy and white, with a small heel. The best part of them was the red scallop edge detail and the beautiful strawberry charms that were attached to them. They hurt me so much when I first tried them, but I insisted on buying them, and wore them, in spite of the pain I was in, until they were perfectly comfortable. I wish I had a photo to show you! Unfortunately I wore them to death so I had to eventually throw them away. I was casually browsing the Office website, after seeing a gorgeous pair of heels on another blog, and immediately fell in love. I know where I'll be getting my next pair of shoes from!

Pictures belong to OFFICE shoes

When it comes to shoes, I like them to look dainty. As much as I like the look of lace up brogues on other girls, they're just never going to be my cup of tea! I like pointed toes, ribbons and a little glitter never does any harm.

What's your favourite shoe style?


Window Shopping ft Lavish Alice

So I was hoping to do my wish list post yesterday and an outfit post today, but things didn't work out. I managed to have a bit of a fall today. I was getting on a bus, and must have mis-stepped or something, and the weight of my tripod on my back made me fall backwards and I ended up with a very painful and swollen ankle. Not good, not good at all. I was determined to get up (after deciding I hadn't broken it) and carry on with my international women's day interviews that I needed for my news day. Anyway here's my wish list post for the week featuring Lavish Alice!
1. Bird print vest top 2. Orange bird print dress 3. Cream polka dot blouse 4. Daisy print dress 5. Blue contrast collar blouse 6. Mint Scallop edge Vest (available in other colours)
I'm going to hold my hands up in shame and admit that I've not actually bought anything from Lavish Alice yet! You may be thinking WHY THE HELL NOT? But I've put myself on a spending ban for a while, so instead I'm having to stick to online window shopping. I'm hoping that some of these items are still in stock when I allow myself to spend again. I particularly like the Daisy print dress (which I saw they were offering as a giveaway prize on their Facebook today - entered that!) and the polka dot blouse, as I love all things dotty. The orange bird print dress has a cute cut-out heart back, which you can view if you hover over the image on their website - I love this web design feature! The scallop edge vest is available in other pastel colours, perfect for the spring season, especially at just £8 each.

What's on your wish list from Lavish Alice?

Oh and Happy International Women's day ladies!

All images in this post belong to Lavish Alice


So it looks like the 50s are making yet another comeback and I am oh-so-happy! Topshop have recently released their 50s diner inspired collection and now Boohoo!

Tell me more, Tell me more...

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the Boohoo Retro Glamour Collection:

My favourite things about 50s fashion: Bold prints - polka dots and candy stripes, Pastels & Brights, Skater style skirts!

If you want to take the look a step further try: hair bows, large wired headbands, colour block sling backs, ankle socks and heart shape sunglasses.

I haven't made a purchase from Boohoo for a long while, as I've not really found anything I've liked, until recently. Now I just can't get enough of this collection and I hope that I will be purchasing a few items very soon! From my previous experience with purchases from Boohoo, I think it varies in terms of finding great pieces that fit perfectly, and ones that are of a lower quality and don't fit as well. For the price though, you can't really go too wrong!

*Edited to add...
I have signed up for the Skimlinks Referral Program, which means that some of the words in my blog content will link to other websites. Just thought I'd mention it as before I knew about Skimlinks I'd always wondered why people were randomly linking to ebay products etc!