Family time

Had a fun day with my family today! We went out for food and had a look round some shops - bought myself the new (ish) Soap and Glory foundation (review coming soon) and a lilac (my new favourite colour) Barry M nail polish. Well my advantage card paid. Muhaha!

We joined in on the whole Tesco price error fiasco! The newest (still to be released) iPad was being sold (for pre-order) on Tesco for just £49.99 - which of course was an error, and absolutely ridiculous - but come on it was worth trying to buy it just for the hell of it! There's so many people laughing and calling people 'dumb' for buying into the offer. My parents and I just thought, what the hell, we won't lose anything by trying, as if they didn't honour the sale (which was the case), we'd just get our money back! No biggie. Just think, there was obviously only a really SMALL chance of them honouring the sale (which if you remember M&S had to do with those TVs after Facebook and Twitter campaigns fought back) but at the end of the day it was still a chance. If the people who bought the iPads for £49.99 had actually received them, then who'd be laughing?

Taking chances is fun - there's no harm with things like this!

Did anyone else try to buy one?


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