Hair dilemma

Left - long full fringe (growing out!) Right - Pushed to side fringe
Having a hair nightmare. I'm always changing my fringe from a full fringe, to a side fringe, to no fringe at all. Last time I went to the hair dressers I had my full fringe cut in again, however now it's got awfully long, and I don't know if to go back and have it cut back in, or grow it out and have a side fringe. I just said the word fringe way too many times. OOPS. Also I'm thinking of changing the colour, either dip dying it, when it has grown a little longer (I want my long hair back - luckily it grows quickly) or dying it a coppery red colour - total opposites I know! PLEASE HELP ME.

Here's a picture of the Barry M polish (Berry Ice Cream) I featured in the lilac post yesterday! I was able to take a photograph today since there was a little day light, though it has been quite a dull day here in Nottingham. I've added Models Own Juicy Jules to the tips.

I've finally handed in my law essay, so now have a little more time over the weekend for my jewellery and blog. I've added a lovely bee necklace and a dainty pair of star earrings to the store today. Oh and I've posted a WIWT look - trying to remember to do this a lot more.

Hope you all have a fun Friday night!

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