Lovely Lilac

1. Great Gatsby Glamour Dress - Miss Patina 2. Lilac Colardo Knit - Hearts & Bows @ Ark 3. Airtex Pleated Skirt - Topshop 4. Berry Ice Cream - Barry M 5. Cats Eye Sunglasses - Topshop
As the pastel trend of this spring swooped in and stole my heart, my love for lilac re-kindled. It was always my favourite colour when I was a younger - I had my whole room painted lilac, through my  younger teenage years and had countless numbers of lilac nail polishes and eye shadows. As I grew up I went off it, probably because it felt 'childish,' but now this sugary, sweet colour is back as a definite favourite. I absolutely love the Great Gatsby Glamour dress by Miss Patina, and definitely need to get my hands on a pair of cats eye sunglasses before summer! I bought the Barry M nail polish in Berry Ice Cream a couple of days ago. I've just tried it out and it's perfect. I have never had a Barry M polish before, but I can definitely see why all you bloggers have been raving over them! They're such fabulous quality, especially to say they're just £2.99! I've added a touch of glitter to the tips, to jazz them up a little. I'd post a picture but the lighting is simply far too poor at this time of night.

Keep your eyes peeled for more lilac-coloured pieces on Megan Jane Jewellery. I have made a gorgeous new Bee necklace which I will hopefully be listing tomorrow.

Are you loving lilac?


Images belong to Miss Patina, Topshop & Ark Clothing.
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