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New at Megan Jane Jewellery

A few little things are happening with Megan Jane Jewellery, so I thought I'd do a little post to keep you updated! This is quite an image heavy post, but the first few images are exceptionally beautiful, so I think you'll let me off. I've been working with quite a few bloggers recently, to help promote my jewellery boutique. Charlotte is the latest fashion blogger to model Megan Jane Jewellery. Charlotte takes her own photos, which I think you will agree are stunning! I love the way she has styled up the jewellery, and hung the necklace and bracelet off the flowers. She has grasped the romantic, spring concept that the jewellery is based around just perfectly. Make sure you check out Charlotte's blog and Lookbook, I promise you, you'll be impressed!

Megan Jane Jewellery cameo necklace and floral bracelet modelled and photographed by Charlotte Clothier

Rose earrings

Megan Jane Jewellery Cameo necklace, modelled and photographed by Charlotte Clothier
I've been having a little think about how I can further improve my boutique, and have come to the conclusion that I need to start making a few of each pieces, rather than just 'one-offs.' I will still be making each piece myself, and each will vary slightly, as that's just the way it goes with handmade. I will also still be doing some completely unique pieces, such as the birdcages. I will make sure that I identify if a piece is a 'one-off' or if I have a few available, in the product descriptions. I know a few people have asked about the cameo necklace Charlotte is wearing in the images above, so I will hopefully be making a few more of these soon.

Finally, I have made a few cute/kitsch rings, studs and hairgrips today, so thought I'd share them with you...

Bunny Earrings £2.50 - Coming Soon.

Strawberry Bow Ring £2.00

Polka Dot Bow Ring £2.00

Lolly Hair Grip Pack of 3 £3.50 - to be listed soon
I hope you love the new items!

If you are interested in purchasing anything from my boutique, I am currently offering free worldwide delivery, when you enter the code 'FREEWW' at checkout. If you are interested in featuring Megan Jane Jewellery on your website, or would like to stock pieces in your boutique, feel free to email me: meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk and I'll get back to you ASAP.



  1. The new items are beautiful- as are charlottes photos for Megan jane.
    I wish I had the patience to make multiple items- the number of times someone asks me to make for them what im wereing- but Im just to engrossed in my next project to do so right away.

    1. Thanks Jodie! I'm the same, I like to always be creating something new and different. A lot of people seem to like to wear the same pieces as bloggers etc and I've had interest from a boutique about stocking some of my jewellery, so it makes sense to make a few of some of the designs, as well as the one-offs.