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So it looks like the 50s are making yet another comeback and I am oh-so-happy! Topshop have recently released their 50s diner inspired collection and now Boohoo!

Tell me more, Tell me more...

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the Boohoo Retro Glamour Collection:

My favourite things about 50s fashion: Bold prints - polka dots and candy stripes, Pastels & Brights, Skater style skirts!

If you want to take the look a step further try: hair bows, large wired headbands, colour block sling backs, ankle socks and heart shape sunglasses.

I haven't made a purchase from Boohoo for a long while, as I've not really found anything I've liked, until recently. Now I just can't get enough of this collection and I hope that I will be purchasing a few items very soon! From my previous experience with purchases from Boohoo, I think it varies in terms of finding great pieces that fit perfectly, and ones that are of a lower quality and don't fit as well. For the price though, you can't really go too wrong!

*Edited to add...
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  1. I love boohoo! It's soooo reasonable too!

    love the polka dot skirt - it's adorable! xxx

    1. Thanks Jade! I love it too, can't believe it's only £12! Such a brilliant price! xo

  2. I love the third outfit so much :)
    And you gotta love the 50's style :)

    Laura xoxo