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My favourite ever pair of shoes were bought from Office. They were pointy and white, with a small heel. The best part of them was the red scallop edge detail and the beautiful strawberry charms that were attached to them. They hurt me so much when I first tried them, but I insisted on buying them, and wore them, in spite of the pain I was in, until they were perfectly comfortable. I wish I had a photo to show you! Unfortunately I wore them to death so I had to eventually throw them away. I was casually browsing the Office website, after seeing a gorgeous pair of heels on another blog, and immediately fell in love. I know where I'll be getting my next pair of shoes from!

Pictures belong to OFFICE shoes

When it comes to shoes, I like them to look dainty. As much as I like the look of lace up brogues on other girls, they're just never going to be my cup of tea! I like pointed toes, ribbons and a little glitter never does any harm.

What's your favourite shoe style?



  1. Wow, the pink heel has sparkles on it! :O x

  2. I love the pink bow ones, I like girly shoes best too! xx