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Window Shopping ft Lavish Alice

So I was hoping to do my wish list post yesterday and an outfit post today, but things didn't work out. I managed to have a bit of a fall today. I was getting on a bus, and must have mis-stepped or something, and the weight of my tripod on my back made me fall backwards and I ended up with a very painful and swollen ankle. Not good, not good at all. I was determined to get up (after deciding I hadn't broken it) and carry on with my international women's day interviews that I needed for my news day. Anyway here's my wish list post for the week featuring Lavish Alice!
1. Bird print vest top 2. Orange bird print dress 3. Cream polka dot blouse 4. Daisy print dress 5. Blue contrast collar blouse 6. Mint Scallop edge Vest (available in other colours)
I'm going to hold my hands up in shame and admit that I've not actually bought anything from Lavish Alice yet! You may be thinking WHY THE HELL NOT? But I've put myself on a spending ban for a while, so instead I'm having to stick to online window shopping. I'm hoping that some of these items are still in stock when I allow myself to spend again. I particularly like the Daisy print dress (which I saw they were offering as a giveaway prize on their Facebook today - entered that!) and the polka dot blouse, as I love all things dotty. The orange bird print dress has a cute cut-out heart back, which you can view if you hover over the image on their website - I love this web design feature! The scallop edge vest is available in other pastel colours, perfect for the spring season, especially at just £8 each.

What's on your wish list from Lavish Alice?

Oh and Happy International Women's day ladies!

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  1. Neither have I! Really don't know why not - some of the stuff is lovely. x

    1. I think the reason I've not bought there before, is that as soon as I get money I always go to the bigger online stores like ASOS for my clothes. That's gotta change! xo

  2. love number 5!! so cute :) x

  3. Oh goodness, I want them all! SO sweet! I love your choices :) x