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Hello Handmade - New feature

I thought it'd be fun to introduce a new feature to my blog, where I could showcase some of the work of the wonderful and talented handmade crafters out there! As a jewellery maker myself I am all for purchasing handmade products - of course I still buy from high street retailers too - but there is something extra special and unique about handmade products. Crafters put a lot of time and love into each product they create, something which can't be said for machine manufactured items!

So what's it all about?

Hello Handmade! will focus on a different crafter each post, showcasing their skills and the wonderful items they make. The posts will include things like...

  • Designer Interviews
  • Tutorials and Tips
  • Store discounts

I am hoping this new feature will help to promote the work of independent artists and crafters, and introduce you to some lovely new online stores to shop at!

I'm an artist / crafter - How can I get involved?

If you'd like to be featured drop me an email meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk with details of your craft and a link to your online store or Flickr/Facebook if you don't have an e commerce website. I will do my best to get back to you within a couple of days and we will go from there! I will also be approaching crafters myself if their store / products catch my eye.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday's Song

 I chose this song this week after sobbing all the way through it as it played in one of the most heartbreaking scenes of The Vampire Diaries this week. It was an episode that has aired in the US, not the UK so I won't spoil anything for those who haven't seen it, but please make sure you have a box of tissues at the ready, or you may well drown yourself in tears.

 I apologise for the lack of posting this week. My documentary was handed in on Friday! I do feel relieved that part of it is over (I still have an online feature to submit) however I found that the quality of the sound on my interviews wasn't quite as good as I'd have liked it to have been, so I do feel a little disappointed in myself! I'm just hoping that I will still get a decent mark, as I've got a couple of 2:1's recently, and really want a 2:1 overall. I scared myself earlier this week as I realised that I have less that a month left until my last exam at university. It's a little bit frightening, especially as I thought I'd know what I wanted to do with my life by now?! Whatever I do, I want to continue blogging and designing my jewellery, I love it way too much to let anything come in the way of it.

I've had a little idea for a new feature, so expect there to be a post about that tomorrow!

Sweet dreams...

A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella...

1. Monochrome Super Wedge Sandals 2. Mint Suede Mid Heel Courts 3. Scarf Print Sandals 4. Davina Scallop Ballerinas 5. Lipsy @ Next Jewelled Snake Court Shoes 
I think everyone has at least one pair of shoes that makes them feel utterly fabulous! I'm guessing for the majority it's going to be a pair of killer heels. As well as helping you to walk a few inches taller, heels enhance your leg shape, making them look much thinner, and firmer. Unfortunately I'm one of those girls that struggles to walk in sky scraper heels, instead I usually have to opt for something a little lower to the ground. At 5 ft 8 I don't need killer heels anyway - at least that's what I try and tell myself. My 'fabulous' shoes are currently my nude pointy heels that I bought off eBay for my 21st birthday party, but a couple of years ago I remember owning some beautiful pointy lace court shoes from New Look, which I bought in both grey and black. I wore the black pair to my 18th birthday party, and funnily enough that night my life did change forever, and for the better! I can't say it was solely down to the shoes, that would be a lie, but I think they did give me a boost of confidence, though maybe that was all of the pink cocktails I was drinking?

Next currently have a beautiful collection of shoes in all different styles, ensuring that every Cinderella out there can find their perfect fit. I particularly love the five pairs featured above! I surprised myself with the scarf print wedges, as I'm not a huge fan of scarf print, however I think these shoes look awesome, and would really 'jazz' up and outfit, without over doing it. The scallop edge shoes are the perfect 'every day' shoes for me, the colour is gorgeous, and the detailed edge gives the shoes a feminine feel. Although I'm not usually much of a glitzy-going-out girl, the magpie in me was captivated by the gorgeous jewelled snake court shoes by Lipsy - how could anyone not feel just a little bit fabulous standing tall in these beauts?

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?

Versatile Blogger Award

A big thank you to the lovely Lizee, from Vanity Frills, for nominating me for the 'Versatile Blogger Award!'

Each nominee should:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
2. Add an image of the Versatile Blogger Award
3. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link to their site
4. Share seven completely random facts about yoursel
5. Include this set of rules
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination

My random facts:
1. I was born 10 days late, which fell on my mum's birthday - also happened to be the day before my grandma's.
2. My boyfriend did the dragon tattoo that I have on my right hip.
3. I will be graduating in Broadcast Journalism this year, however I originally applied to do Print Journalism.
4. I don't want to get a proper job when I graduate - I wish I could just run Megan Jane Jewellery full time!
5. I talk about Grey's Anatomy and Vampire Diaries to people, like it's real life.
6. When I get my girl kitten (one day) I'm going to call her Lunar.
7. My dad once fitted a kitchen on Better Homes - my claim to fame!

Here's my lovely nominees! These are blogs I read on a regular basis - be sure to check them out!
Amy - The Cameras Lying
Cat - Take Courage
Lily - Red Brick Lipstick
Fee - Makeup Savvy
Tami - Tami Bee
Amy - Paperbacks and Postcards
Sarah - Temporary Secretary
Charlie - Charlestown
Hayley - Frock me I'm Famous
Vicki - The Magpie Girl
Olivia - What Olivia Did
Emily - Emily Divine
Lauren - Girl From The Attic.
Arabella - Arabella
Lydia - Lydia Jane Hann


Pretty Polka Dots.

Handmade Polka dot Dress - Syd and Mallory

I bought this gorgeous Syd and Mallory dress from a stall at the Nottingham Vintage Fair today! I could have spent so much money there on all of the lovely dress and jewellery, however being on a budget I managed to only come away with the dress. I do have to remind myself that I don't really need to buy jewellery - especially since I can just make my own! My friend Liz bought a lovely fox top from a stall selling Alice-takes-a-trip clothing. All of the stalls were laid out so beautifully, making it really easy to look at all of the gorgeous items. After we'd done two laps of the hall, we went and bought a cup of tea and sat on the steps sipping it from our vintage tea cups. Perfect!

I've had such a lovely, relaxing weekend - definitely what I needed to prepare myself for the manic week of documentary editing I have ahead of me. I spent yesterday evening with my friend Laura, we watched lots of talent-show-television, and ate far too many skittles, strawberry laces and giant buttons.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

***Just a little reminder - The Megan Jane Jewellery free delivery code 'jewellerycomp' expires tomorrow at 12pm, so get your orders in now if you want to save on postage!***

Cath Kidston Wish List

1. Spring Bouquet Make Up Brush Set 2. Circle Ditsy Blackberry Hard Case3 .Royal Rose Birdcage Umbrella 4. Bluebell Lip Balm
If for some reason you didn't already know - I have a bit of a THING for vintage floral prints, especially when they're printed on items designed by the wonderful and truly British, Cath Kidston. I haven't done a wish list post this week, so I thought I'd share with you a few of my most desired Cath Kidston accessories.
I already have a beautiful floral box bag, bought from the store in St Pancras station, however I'm yet to get my hands on the beauties above.

I have been looking to buy a makeup brush set for a while now. I love how this floral print set comes in a little case which also has a handly zip pocket to store things like hair grips - I always like to pin my hair back when applying my make up!

The Blackberry phone cover is the cutest. There are a few designs to choose from (and some iPhone covers too) however the light blue floral pattern is my favourite, as it matches my gorgeous bag. I am fed up of the look of my boring Blackberry, so may have to purchase it to brighten it up a little! It has been reduced down to £17.50 making the cover even more tempting.

After recently breaking my cheap Primark umbrella and getting soaked on the way home from university on numerous ocassions, I think it's about time I treated myself to this lovely birdcage shaped umbrella! I love the bright summery print, brilliant for brightening up the most miserable, rainy days.

Has anyone tried the Bluebell Lip Balm? I hope it smells and tastes (not that I eat lip balm, but you know what I mean) as sweet as it looks!

Do you own any Cath Kidston items?

Megan Jane Jewellery - new items + my goody bag giveaway winners!

First of all I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that entered the goody bag giveaway!

The winner of goody bag number 1 is Meredith! (@merrymerimary) Congratulations lovely, you have won the Crown jewel necklace, pink beaded bracelet, button heart earrings and wine rose hair slide!

Winner number 2 was drawn as Elena (@elenalucie) Congrats petal, you have won the mechanical heart necklace, red rose bracelet, button heart earrings and red rose hair slide!

I hope you both love your prizes, I will be in contact via Twitter to arrange posting them out to you!

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, here's a cheeky little Free Delivery code that you can use over the weekend (until Monday 12pm) on any jewellery orders you make. Simply enter: 'jewellerycomp' at checkout.

Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake Review

I know there's been quite a hype about Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters with plenty of beauty blog posts out there reviewing them. As you may well know, I'm no beauty expert, so this is sort of a 'normal' girl's thoughts on the product!

I bought my lip butter from the Boots in Chesterfield centre where they had quite a few of the different shades in stock. I didn't count so I'm not so sure that they had all of the 14 shades, but I'd definitely recommend popping there if you live close by.  I had such a difficult choice to make between all of the different colours, and it didn't help that I couldn't remember which I'd liked after seeing them on another girl's blog. I ended up painting my wrist a number of pink shades before deciding on the very sugary sweet Cupcake!

This shade is a girly pink colour, it is blue toned and gives of an almost lilac colour. It is quite sheer, as you can see in the swatch I did on my wrist, however you can build the colour up by applying more. I have fairly pigmented lips and the colour does cover mine completely after applying more. The feel of the product on the lips is just lovely. Revlon describe the product as 'shiny colour' mixed with 'buttery balm,' and in my opinion the product definitely feels buttery and smooth on the lips - just how you'd expect a thick lip balm to feel. In terms of how long it lasts, I don't have that many lip products to compare it to. It seems to last for a couple of hours, which compared to my beloved Rockalily lipstick, isn't all that long.

All things considered I'd definitely try Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters if you are looking for a product that is more moisturising on the lips than your average lipstick. For me they are slightly expensive at £7.99 but you can get 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment. Cupcake is definitely the colour for you if you are looking for a girly pink colour! The sheerness of the product would also make it great for applying over other colours, although I'm yet to try this.

Have you bought any lip butters? What other shades would you recommend?

Sunday's Song

Hey lovelies,

Sorry there's been a lack of posts this week! I spent most of my time writing my research essay which was handed in on Thursday *sighs with relief.* I hope you like the song above! I first heard it when my friend Emmy made a music video a few years ago, to it for her college course, and haven't stopped listening to it since.

I have a few posts planned for the coming week, including an outfit post featuring the beautiful dress that I won from the wonderful Preppy Long Stockings. I will also be showing you some of the things I bought at the weekend including a Revlon Lip Butter, Rimmel Gel eye liner and Ibiza Mix Models Own nail polish!

I'm having a jewellery orientated day tomorrow so expect to see some new pieces listed soon. The birdcages are making a come back - I know a few of you have been asking about them - so keep you eyes peeled.

 Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. Remember there's still time to enter my giveaway!

Window Shopping ft Topshop

1. Polka Dot Cammy Top 2. Latino Strappy Sun Top 3. Turquoise Lady Bow Bag 4. Acid Wash Denim Skirt 5. Floral Skater Skirt 6. Daisy Printed Pleated Skirt

In all honesty as much as I like the clothes, I don't find myself shopping at Topshop all that often. I think it's usually the price of their items that puts me off, as you can often find similar designs/styles at other high street stores or online, for more affordable prices. However, saying that, I have recently found myself spending a lot of time on the Topshop website and have completely fallen in love with the items featured above! I particularly like the floral skirt -which is only £20 - I have a feeling I may buy it at the end of the week. I also love the adorable polka dot cammy, which will be perfect for warmer days.

Have you spied anything you like from Topshop recently? Which is you favourite item above?


Ps, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter weekend. I apologise for missing the Sunday song post yesterday but I was busy eating chocolate and playing board games with my family.

Twenty One.

Sweet Treats.

Barbie-Pink Cupcakes

Some of my schweethearts.

The Birthday Girl wearing ASOS ! [Left]
Yesterday marked the 21st birthday of one of my best friends, Hannah. We spent the evening dancing to our favourite songs, sharing memories, giggling, drinking pink cocktails and eating yummy cupcakes. I had a fabulous time - it was lovely to have all my girls together back in one room!

Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend. I'm going to see my family tomorrow to have a catch-up and eat plenty of chocolate.



Just as a little thank you for supporting my handmade jewellery boutique, and this blog, I will be running a giveaway from now until 18th April 2012! I am giving away two Megan Jane Jewellery goody bags, to two separate winners. The goody bags include:

Prize 1: Crown Jewel necklace / Pink Beaded bracelet / Cute as a button white heart earrings / Wine Rose hair slide

Prize 2: Mechanical Heart necklace / Red Rose bracelet / Cute as a button white hear earrings / Red Rose hair slide

Entry Rules (Complete all three = Three separate entries.)
1. Follow me on Twitter (@meganjane03) + Tweet '@MeganJane03 is giving away Megan Jane Jewellery goody bags on her blog, visit http://bit.ly/Hl5YCE for your chance to #win'
2. Follow my blog via GFC or Blog Lovin or Hello Cotton (buttons down the right hand side) *
3. 'Like' the Megan Jane Jewellery Facebook Business Page.

Remember to leave a comment below letting me know how you have entered, a long with your email address or Twitter username so I can contact you if you've won! 

Giveaway closes on 11:59pm on 18th April 2012, no entries after this date will be accepted. Winners will be announced and contacted within the following two days. I will use a random generator to pick the winners. The first name picked out with receive prize 1, and the second name will receive prize 2. Prizes cannot be exchanged.

* You must be a follower of this blog for the duration of the giveaway only in order to enter, however feel free to stick around afterwards if you like my posts!

Good Luck! Get entering! 


NEXT Pastels

1. Crochet Top Linen Blend Dress 2. Pretty Stripe Scarf 3. Colour Block round Sunglasses 4. Scoop Rib Vest 5. Lipsy Textured Colour Block Clutch 6. Washed Cropped Trousers 7. Striped Blouse 8. Pink Blouse

So this isn't the first pastel themed post I've produced, but I couldn't resist showing you Next's take on everyone's current favourite fashion trend! I particularly like the Crochet linen dress, especially in the gorgeous mint colour, and the Lipsy bag, which combines my two current favourite pastel shades: lilac and mint. The scoop rib vest comes in a range of colours and is a great way of injecting a pretty pastel shade into your outfits - you can't really go wrong at £4 either!

What's your favourite piece from the collection above? Do you have a favourite pastel shade?


Cute as a button!

Today I've been busy making little heart button earrings. They're simple, cute and colourful, what more could you want?

Small Whit Earrings £2.00 (To be listed soon - comment below if you want a pair!)

Small Red Heart Earrings £2.00 (To be listed soon - comment below if you want a pair!)

Large Pink Heart Earrings £2.50

Large Purple Heart Earrings £2.50

Large White Heart earrings £2.50
I've also found this lovely little store on Etsy called Heyday Handmade. They make lovely fabric button jewellery. Make sure you check them out! Here are some of my favourites below:
Fabric Button images belong to Heyday Handmade


Sunday's Song

Sorry I've not posted much this week, I've been so busy! I was in London interviewing the lovely Amy on Thursday, and then interviewed another lady in Leeds on Friday for my documentary. I've got to start the editing process soon, as well as write my research essay, so it looks like I've got another busy week ahead of me. I will still make time for blogging & jewellery though, don't you worry. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I'm currently watching The US Office (Season 7) and ordering Chinese. Yum! xo