Cath Kidston Wish List

1. Spring Bouquet Make Up Brush Set 2. Circle Ditsy Blackberry Hard Case3 .Royal Rose Birdcage Umbrella 4. Bluebell Lip Balm
If for some reason you didn't already know - I have a bit of a THING for vintage floral prints, especially when they're printed on items designed by the wonderful and truly British, Cath Kidston. I haven't done a wish list post this week, so I thought I'd share with you a few of my most desired Cath Kidston accessories.
I already have a beautiful floral box bag, bought from the store in St Pancras station, however I'm yet to get my hands on the beauties above.

I have been looking to buy a makeup brush set for a while now. I love how this floral print set comes in a little case which also has a handly zip pocket to store things like hair grips - I always like to pin my hair back when applying my make up!

The Blackberry phone cover is the cutest. There are a few designs to choose from (and some iPhone covers too) however the light blue floral pattern is my favourite, as it matches my gorgeous bag. I am fed up of the look of my boring Blackberry, so may have to purchase it to brighten it up a little! It has been reduced down to £17.50 making the cover even more tempting.

After recently breaking my cheap Primark umbrella and getting soaked on the way home from university on numerous ocassions, I think it's about time I treated myself to this lovely birdcage shaped umbrella! I love the bright summery print, brilliant for brightening up the most miserable, rainy days.

Has anyone tried the Bluebell Lip Balm? I hope it smells and tastes (not that I eat lip balm, but you know what I mean) as sweet as it looks!

Do you own any Cath Kidston items?

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