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NEXT Pastels

1. Crochet Top Linen Blend Dress 2. Pretty Stripe Scarf 3. Colour Block round Sunglasses 4. Scoop Rib Vest 5. Lipsy Textured Colour Block Clutch 6. Washed Cropped Trousers 7. Striped Blouse 8. Pink Blouse

So this isn't the first pastel themed post I've produced, but I couldn't resist showing you Next's take on everyone's current favourite fashion trend! I particularly like the Crochet linen dress, especially in the gorgeous mint colour, and the Lipsy bag, which combines my two current favourite pastel shades: lilac and mint. The scoop rib vest comes in a range of colours and is a great way of injecting a pretty pastel shade into your outfits - you can't really go wrong at £4 either!

What's your favourite piece from the collection above? Do you have a favourite pastel shade?



  1. I love the Lipsy clutch and the pink blouse...nearly payday! xx

  2. The Lipsy clutch is my absolute favourite!