A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella...

1. Monochrome Super Wedge Sandals 2. Mint Suede Mid Heel Courts 3. Scarf Print Sandals 4. Davina Scallop Ballerinas 5. Lipsy @ Next Jewelled Snake Court Shoes 
I think everyone has at least one pair of shoes that makes them feel utterly fabulous! I'm guessing for the majority it's going to be a pair of killer heels. As well as helping you to walk a few inches taller, heels enhance your leg shape, making them look much thinner, and firmer. Unfortunately I'm one of those girls that struggles to walk in sky scraper heels, instead I usually have to opt for something a little lower to the ground. At 5 ft 8 I don't need killer heels anyway - at least that's what I try and tell myself. My 'fabulous' shoes are currently my nude pointy heels that I bought off eBay for my 21st birthday party, but a couple of years ago I remember owning some beautiful pointy lace court shoes from New Look, which I bought in both grey and black. I wore the black pair to my 18th birthday party, and funnily enough that night my life did change forever, and for the better! I can't say it was solely down to the shoes, that would be a lie, but I think they did give me a boost of confidence, though maybe that was all of the pink cocktails I was drinking?

Next currently have a beautiful collection of shoes in all different styles, ensuring that every Cinderella out there can find their perfect fit. I particularly love the five pairs featured above! I surprised myself with the scarf print wedges, as I'm not a huge fan of scarf print, however I think these shoes look awesome, and would really 'jazz' up and outfit, without over doing it. The scallop edge shoes are the perfect 'every day' shoes for me, the colour is gorgeous, and the detailed edge gives the shoes a feminine feel. Although I'm not usually much of a glitzy-going-out girl, the magpie in me was captivated by the gorgeous jewelled snake court shoes by Lipsy - how could anyone not feel just a little bit fabulous standing tall in these beauts?

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?

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  1. Love the mint ones! The shoes in next are often great value for money x

    1. Me too! They don't look too high either! xo

  2. Great picks! The wedges and mint heels would definitely be a good addition to the old summer wardrobe!



    1. Thank you! I know I'm so tempted by the mint heels! xo

  3. I love the wedges!
    I'm your newest follower you have a lovely blog :) say hi back?
    Www.throughchelseaseyes.com xxxx

  4. oh next shoes why do you have to be so good! i really want the blue version of number 4 and definitely need the mid heel mint shoes! so good!