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Pretty Polka Dots.

Handmade Polka dot Dress - Syd and Mallory

I bought this gorgeous Syd and Mallory dress from a stall at the Nottingham Vintage Fair today! I could have spent so much money there on all of the lovely dress and jewellery, however being on a budget I managed to only come away with the dress. I do have to remind myself that I don't really need to buy jewellery - especially since I can just make my own! My friend Liz bought a lovely fox top from a stall selling Alice-takes-a-trip clothing. All of the stalls were laid out so beautifully, making it really easy to look at all of the gorgeous items. After we'd done two laps of the hall, we went and bought a cup of tea and sat on the steps sipping it from our vintage tea cups. Perfect!

I've had such a lovely, relaxing weekend - definitely what I needed to prepare myself for the manic week of documentary editing I have ahead of me. I spent yesterday evening with my friend Laura, we watched lots of talent-show-television, and ate far too many skittles, strawberry laces and giant buttons.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. What an amazing find - I think I'd probably have to look through 500 vintage dresses before I'd find a beauty like yours :) You look lovely.

    Cat xxx

    1. I thought I was going to have to rummage, but everything was so perfectly laid out that it was easy to find! It was cheaper than on the brand website too, always a plus!

      Thanks petal! xo

  2. Beautiful dress, I'm just obsessed with that colour right now!

    1. Thank you Anna! I love the colour too! xo

  3. Oh the collars are just too cute!

  4. this dress is lovely! I'm loving the layout of your blog too :)