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Sunday's Song

 I chose this song this week after sobbing all the way through it as it played in one of the most heartbreaking scenes of The Vampire Diaries this week. It was an episode that has aired in the US, not the UK so I won't spoil anything for those who haven't seen it, but please make sure you have a box of tissues at the ready, or you may well drown yourself in tears.

 I apologise for the lack of posting this week. My documentary was handed in on Friday! I do feel relieved that part of it is over (I still have an online feature to submit) however I found that the quality of the sound on my interviews wasn't quite as good as I'd have liked it to have been, so I do feel a little disappointed in myself! I'm just hoping that I will still get a decent mark, as I've got a couple of 2:1's recently, and really want a 2:1 overall. I scared myself earlier this week as I realised that I have less that a month left until my last exam at university. It's a little bit frightening, especially as I thought I'd know what I wanted to do with my life by now?! Whatever I do, I want to continue blogging and designing my jewellery, I love it way too much to let anything come in the way of it.

I've had a little idea for a new feature, so expect there to be a post about that tomorrow!

Sweet dreams...


  1. I don't watch the vampire diaries but LOVE this song, so beautiful. lovely blog too, i'm now a follower :)


  2. Thanks so much Sarah! Off to visit your blog now too.