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Hello Handmade Featuring Crown and Glory

Here's the second of my Hello Handmade features! I got a great response from the first post, thank you to those of you who commented and tweeted. Today's post features the lovely and very talented Sophie, of Crown and Glory, who makes beautiful and unique hair accessories.

Sophie wearing one of her lovely butterfly hair clips
1. For those who haven’t come across Crown and Glory before, could you first please tell us a little bit about how and why you started your business?

Crown and Glory began as a hobby in 2010 during my final year at university (studying Photographic Art). Ever since I was old enough to choose my own outfits, I loved to wear things in my hair, but felt what the high street offered always seemed an afterthought, and poorly constructed, so I was always on the hunt for something more original. My meagre final year budget, on the most expensive course out there, caused me to begin constructing my own pieces to jazz up old dresses etc for events. The first ever Crown and Glory hairband was a pair of handpainted, feather butterflies in cream and gold. 

Cotton Candy Bobby Pin Set

After more dabbling with materials and designs, a friend encouraged me to try selling some of my pieces online and the rest, they say, is history. I set up a little online store, uploaded designs as and when I did them to Facebook and the blog for feedback, and was overwhelmed as the orders and requests started flooding in. A little over a year of playing with ideas and teaching myself things like pricing, HTML, order management systems and accounts, I was lucky enough to take the plunge and quit my (super boring) marketing job in order to concentrate more on what had become more than a hobby, a definite passion.

2. How would you describe your designs and what inspires you?

Golden Feather Alice Band

Crown and Glory designs are predominantly trend led, but seek to offer a higher quality than the highstreet counterparts. We produce in low product runs to ensure exclusivity and quality are key. We also try to offer the designs on as many attachments as possible - as an owner of a particularly large cranium, and a glasses wearer, there has been so many times I've thought 'I wish I could have that on a clip and not a headband!' so that plays a part as well. As for inspiration, it comes from everywhere - and all of the items in the collection have to be something I'd wear myself.

3. Do you have a favourite design that you've made?

Pink Country Garden Fascinator // Cornflower Darling Buds of May Alice Band // Cream Country Garden Fascinator
I'm a little bit in love with the Country Garden fascinators at the moment - just wish I had a wedding or suchlike to wear
them to! The Darling Buds of May Alice Bands are great as well, nice and wearable, I love the Cornflower colour that was featured in Company magazine this month.

4. What advice would you give other crafters and artists out there, who want to start selling their work?

Dusky Rose Bobby Pin Set
Social media is an invaluable tool when you're just starting out, encourage conversations around your designs and tracking the number of likes/retweets is sometimes more useful than website analytics for judging an item's popularity. If you want to pursue your craft as a career, then think really carefully about your pricing from the off. It's not enough to just cover your materials and labour for the pieces you're making, like I did when I first started out as a hobby - there's all the added extras that need to be paid for, too. Look around to competitors if you're not sure where to start with pricing, but don't be tempted to undercut people - it'll piss off your peers no end, and cheapens the industry as well. Like how someone else is doing something? Go ahead and ask them how! We're a friendly bunch and the internet is a great way to build a network of like minded, entrepreneurial friends.

Iron and Wine floral crown
5. What are your hopes for Crown and Glory in the future?

While I'm lucky enough to call Crown and Glory my full time income, I would love to be able to expand the brand to employ others as well. Production assistants at first, growing to a real studio feel, akin to Tatty Devine - where everything, from production to PR, is done in house and there's a team behind the scenes and front of house. With our list of stockists turning international (our latest is a designer boutique in Dubai!) and current monthly growth, my dreams are looking ever closer to reality which is just so exciting.

A big thank you to Sophie for such a great interview! I am absolutely in awe of her beautiful floral designs. I particularly like the Cotton Candy Bobby Pin Set and the Over the Picket Fence floral crown - what are your favourite designs? Have you bought from Crown and Glory before?

Make sure you visit the Crown and Glory websites to see all of Sophie's stunning designs, perfect for the Summer season!

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  1. I love her stuff, it's beautiful! I also really enjoyed the interview, especially about how underpricing cheapens the industry. I find that with selling cakes; if I'm ever at a craft fair where someone else is seriously underpricing it makes it incredibly unfair when I've put time and effort into something and it's just overlooked.
    Thank you for doing this feature, I'm really enjoying it...although my bank balance might not thank you later :D xxx

  2. Thanks for your comment lovely. I think Sophie gave great advice about pricing too - it can be so difficult deciding how to price your handmade work!

    So pleased you're enjoying the feature! xo

  3. likee your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!


  4. I love the butterfly clip - so sweet! <3

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  5. Me too Jo! Thanks for your comment!


  6. Nice post and nice pieces!