I like to keep some things to myself...

Black top - Primark // Maxi Skirt - Next // Wedges - New Look // Sunglasses - New Look
WIWT // Chictopia
This is the outfit I wore yesterday to James's cousin's 1st birthday party. I did wear a cardigan though to keep my sun burnt shoulders and arms covered up. I know you can see that I'm burnt on the photos, but who cares - I thought I'd post them anyway! I really love this maxi skirt that my mum gave to me, it's the only one I have at the moment, but I do have a
gorgeous black maxi dress on it's way from Next, which again is thanks to my lovely mum for treating me.

I've spent the day making a few new jewellery pieces, some of which I will be listing on the website shortly, and will blog about tomorrow. They're quite vintage-y, quirky and cute, so I'm sure some of you will like them!

Oh and one more thing...
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to my followers - old and new. I am so excited that I now have 90 of you following on GFC and gaining more and more of you on other platforms like Blog Lovin' and Hello Cotton. It means a lot to have you read my little blog, as I really enjoy sharing my posts with you all.


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