Jewellery Update

Here are some of my latest little creations! I'm really loving lilac and purple shades at the moment, which I've reflected in my jewellery making. I used to sell the wooden birdcages a while ago - in blue and black - but thought I'd go with purple this time, adding a little bow cabochon to the pendant, and a few faux pearls alternating up each side of the chain. I have recently decided to sell wholesale to small boutiques, so if you are interested in stocking Megan Jane Jewellery, or know someone who might be, feel free to email me: This means that I will be making a number of each design, as opposed to one-offs, however I've decided to still make some one-off pieces which I will continue to sell on my website too. I will also be launching a new range of metal birdcage necklaces in the near future, retailing from £9.99.

Sweet Tweet Bird Necklaces - 5 crystal colours to choose from.

Lilac Ribbon Ring

Love Letter Bead Bracelet - Also taken 'name' bracelet customised orders.

Purple Wooden Birdcage Necklace

You may have noticed that I've changed my blog layout! I wanted to still keep it simple, but a little more chic, so decided to use this free template by the talented Jessica Sims. I have also added little social media buttons which you can find free on the internet - they're so cute. My 'about me' and 'contact me' pages have been updated, and I have also added a blog sale page - where I'm selling a few of the items that I've hardly worn, for a great price.

Hope you like the new layout and are having a lovely weekend!


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