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Maxis from Miinto

1. Multi coloured dress - Sugarhill Boutique @ Miinto 2. Navy stripe maxi dress - Komodo @ Miinto 3. Maxi dress - Bobi @ Miinto 4. Cherry bomb maxi dress - Sugarhill Boutique @ Miinto.

Miinto is as online store that works in partnership with some of the lovely independent boutiques in the UK. As well as bringing you an eclectic selection of the latest fashion trends, Miinto makes online shopping easy, allowing you to purchase from a number of boutiques all in one go, using their simple website. If you’re into your labels, it’s definitely worth a 

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite maxi dresses featured on the site, as it’s getting closer and closer to summer. I especially love the Sugarhill Boutique rainbow maxi dress, and was so pleased to find it on Miinto, after being disappointed that it had completely sold out on the actual brand’s website. I also adore the stripey maxi dress, however feel I’m a little too ‘hip-py’ for this, and think it would suit someone with a more ‘boyish’ figure.

Miinto have kindly offered me a voucher for sharing this post with you, which I will be using to put towards an item from their website. I haven't quite decided what the item will be yet - (maybe the rainbow maxi!?) - but will be sure to feature
it in a separate outfit post in the near future.

Have you checked out the Miinto website? Which Maxi dress is your favourite?


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  1. i've never heard of them. i like the blue and white one

  2. Their UK website is relatively new, but they have existing websites in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the US! xo

  3. I love the rainbow dress too, I just wish the english weather would cheer up a bit so we can wear lovely dresses and bright colours! x

  4. I know me too! Fingers crossed! xo

  5. I've been wanting a maxi dress for ages but been struggling to find a good one as I'm so short and most of them make me look ridiculous! I do love the navy and white one xxx

  6. Thanks for your comment Emily - I hope you go on to find your perfect Maxi! xo

  7. Ooh, I love the "cherry bomb" one! I've never managed yet to find an awesome maxi dress, but hopefully I will soon if these are anything to go by :') ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  8. Me neither, but I'm desperate for the rainbow maxi! Thanks for commenting Sarah! :) xo