Tea Room Treats

Today I went for lunch at the lovely White Rabbit Tea house in Nottingham! It is such a beautiful little place, decorated with floral wallpaper, cute table clothes and vintage crockery. I can't believe I've lived in Nottingham all of my life but hadn't even heard of this place before spotting Olivia's post on it, when she was visiting the city. I went with my friend Laura, who loves tea just as much as I do. It was our last lunch together in a while as she's moving back to her home village now that we've finished university. I am going to miss her lots, but we've promised to keep in touch and will no doubt be re-visiting the tea room again in the future. We treated ourselves to Egg Mayonaise sandwiches which were cut into triangles (my favourite), scrumptious chocolate malteaser cake, and two pots of traditional tea. It was so yummy, I definitely recommend you going there if you find yourself in Nottingham. They also do a traditional afternoon tea, which I think I'll be having when I visit again soon with my mum!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

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