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Weekly Wishlist...

1. Hearts & Bows Cream Blazer - Ark Clothing 2. USA Aubry Vest - Ark Clothing 3. Embellished Shoulder Bag - OASAP 4. Leopard Print Maxi Skirt - Select 5.  Lips in Idol - Topshop
So here's my wish list of the week! I absolutely love the bag from OASAP, I'm also in love with their petal edged shoulder 
bag in Watermelon red. I also really like the cream blazer from Ark. I definitely need to buy one as sometimes it's too hot to wear a jacket, but too cold for a cardigan, so you need something 'in between' like a fashionable fitted blazer!

Sorry there's been a lack of post, I've been chilling out and enjoying the sun! A little bit too much to be honest - I got so burnt yesterday after falling asleep in my parent's garden. Wear sun cream kids! Today I went to James's beautiful cousin Anna's 1st birthday party. She looked so sweet, and her mum and dad had decorated the garden so perfectly, with white heart
cut-out bunting, a tower of cupcakes, and hanging candles.

I am spending tomorrow making lots of new vintage-style jewellery pieces, so keep checking my jewellery store, as they will be listed soon.

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Hearts and Bows do some awesome stuff! :) I really like the top too, I've been looking to get some American-esque stuff recently! x

  2. They do indeed! I want some USA stuff too! Think it looks awesome with denim xo

  3. I've been looking at that topshop lipstick in store for a while now, I really need to just pick it up! I love the colour of the blazer too. xx


  4. There lots of great things on your wishlist. I love the US flag top and the leopard print skirt.


  5. I like your blog :) I follow u! :)

  6. Idol looks like such a summery colour!