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Here's to 2.1.

Laura // Liz // Sarah // Megan // Hannah
My girls and I had lots to celebrate last night! Firstly my lovely best friend on the left, Laura, turned 21! It's scary to think that she has only just turned 21 and I'll be turning 22 in October waaaah. Secondly, I am very excited, proud and happy to say that I will be graduating on 19th July with a 2:1 in Broadcast Journalism!!! I'm over the moon and so pleased that despite the stress, worries and occasional tears, all of my hard work has paid off. Laura will also be graduating with a 2:1 too, so it was a double celebration for her!

Holiday Time! Sunglasses - Romwe
The other thing that I have to tell you is that I am off to the Lake District on Wednesday! I'm very much looking forward to a well deserved break. I definitely need time to chill and think about what to do next! I am hoping the weather will be sunny, so I can wear this lovely pair of glasses that I won in a Romwe giveaway, hosted on Emily's blog. I also won $80 to spend, so I will show you what I've bought in a later post.

I have visited the Lake District a couple of times when I was younger, however I didn't really enjoy going on walks, or appreciate the beautiful places back then. If there's any places you recommend visiting then feel free to leave me a comment below!

I will have internet whilst I'm there, so it's very likely that I will update my blog, and I'll definitely be sending the occasional tweet! What I must mention is that any Megan Jane Jewellery orders made while I'm away will not be posted until Wednesday 4th July. 

When I get back I am finally going to organise my (overdue) 100 follower giveaway - still thinking of prize ideas!


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  1. Congratulations lovely :)


  2. congratulations on your 2;1! you must be so so pleased :) you and your ladies look so lovely together!
    enjoy your time away too :) here's hoping the weather stays nice!x

  3. Thanks Katy! I am really pleased! xo

  4. Woo you're so close to graduation!!!! Thats so exciting!
    I know what you mean about turning 22, I am kind of freaking out about it - I am also an october baby so I have a few months left... then I gotta start figuring things out!!!

    The Urban Umbrella



  5. You all looked gorgeous! And I lovee those gigs!
    Http://throughchelseaseyes.com/ xxxx

  6. You all look gorgeous!!! :) My best friend only just turned 21 on Saturday and I'll be 22 in November!! Scary isnt it! :)

    Congrats on the 2:1 as well sweet x

  7. CONGRATS! and have fun in the Lake District! :D

    rebecca x

  8. Hi!!! Love this post! would you like to follow each other?!

    Let me know!

    Have a nice day!


  9. Well done on the degree! That's amazing! Where did you study & did you enjoy it? I'm looking at universities at the moment and journalism is something I'm interested in! Also, happy birthday to your friend! Have an amazing time in the Lake District xx