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Office chic

1. Flower Abacus Print - Orla Kiely // 2. Handmade Kitten Notebook - Etsy // 3. Cat Highlighters - Paperchase
4. Midsummer Memo Box - Paperchase 5. London Bus Journal - Paperchase 6. Pretty Dream Notepad - ArtBox
7. Day Dream Study Planner - Paperchase 8. Panda Pad - ArtBox 9. FiloFax - WHSmith
So today's post is a little different from my usual fashion related posts, but I hope you'll enjoy it none the less. I've always had a thing for stationary ever since I was little. Although I dreaded going back to school each year after the Summer holidays, I always looked forward to buying a new pencil case and pen set to show off in class. Even at 21 my love for stationary is still going strong, and being a freelance writer I get through endless amounts of notepads, as I use them to jot my article ideas down. 

Now you can tell from the chosen notebooks above, that my taste in stationary is fairly eclectic. I love Orla Kiely's chic and sleek stationary designs, but at the same time love something that will make me smile. like the Pretty Dream notepad from ArtBox. I am also desperate to treat myself to a FiloFax, there's something special about them - I love how simple and official they look. Obviously I'd have to get one in a girly pink colour though. I'm currently using a blue notebook that has a little flower embossed on it, that I won in a giveaway. It has such a smooth, soft cover, which really appeals to me. I also have a lovely russian doll notepad from Paperchase, however I'm reluctant to use it often as the cover is a little fuzzy, like felt, which I don't like, and the pages don't have any lines on, which is always a no no for me! I think Paperchase is my go-to place for stationary, I'm always tempted by the cute critters they feature on their stationary, and the beautiful floral designs. However their prices can seem a little high if you compare them to little card shops and places like Wilkinsons who offer cute stationary at much lower prices.

I've been sorting my room out this week and creating a proper office space where I can do my work. Although I now have a desk, and the areas looking neat and tidy, I know it won't feel complete until I've bought a new stationary set, file holders and other little office accessories!

Do you have a thing for stationary too? (Please say I'm not the only one)


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  1. You have just fuelled my stationery addiction further. My boyfriend always has to drag me out of paperchase because I adore it so much, it's just amazing. I am a firm believer that you can never have enough notepads in your life, and that I will get round to using ALL of them at some point haha xx

  2. The panda print one is so adorable <3 xx

  3. Jo - Haha!! I completely agree, you can never have enough notebooks! xo

    Lizee - It's so cute isn't it? I saw panda highlighters on the paperchase website too! xo

  4. Lots of beautiful stationary. As a freelance writer myself, I have a habit of wandering into stationary stores and spending hours looking at them all.

    Beautiful post as always.


  5. Ooooh i love this post! I also have a strange obsession over notepads etc lol i have thousand of them but all unused and stored in a box - ready to use... but it doesnt stop me from buying more and more!

    Love the london bus and panda notepad!!



  6. No I love stationary too! I think notebooks make a really nice present too!

  7. Thanks my lovelies, glad I'm not the only stationary-lover. Nadia you're right it really does make a lovely gift! My boyfriend bought me loads of stationary from Paperchase for my birthday last year, I was over the moon! xo

  8. Oh wow, I love finding people who share my obsession with stationery. Going back to University each year makes me excited for one main reason - new supplies! I really love the Korean style stationery, with the cute patterns and details!
    I'm so lusting over that study planner you've shared!

  9. I love good bit of stationary :) That Panda Pad is my favourite :D LaceyLoves x

  10. I love stationary, and could spend my life in paperchase looking around *_* ! love all the bits and pieces you've posted, especially the kitty highlighters and filofax, i've been toying with the idea of getting a filofax too, but the idea of having to commit to the one colour scares me a little!!

    K ❤

  11. Can I just have everything? That would make me very happy xo

  12. wahhhh, wish i hadn't seen this post.. because i love stationary! i'm forever buying notepads, and then when i use it, i feel like i've ruined it! haha! so i just buy them and save them for 'a one day it will be used'!x

  13. Lovely post, I love stationary! I don't know if you knew already, but Paperchase has joined Unidays so you can get student discount there now too :) x

  14. Thank you! I didn't know that no, thank you so much for letting me know :D !
    I'm technically not a student any more, however my card is still in date hehe xo