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Collectables - Yankee Candles

Sandalwood Vanilla // French Vanilla // Cherry Blossom // Beach Walk
There's no doubt about it, the majority of us love Yankee Candles, and why wouldn't we? They offer a huge variety of scents that are not only beautiful, but long-lasting.They can evoke memories, create a particular mood and help to make your house feel a little bit more like a home. Yankee candles are often featured in the blogosphere, however I thought I'd post about them today, as I've recently been introduced to a website called Collectables that actually offers them at a discounted, exclusive
web price.

To some £19.99 for a large candle may seem a little expensive, however you have to think about the quality of the candles, their scent, and how long the candles will burn for. If you are going to spend money on a large candle like the ones above, it's important that you like the scent that you are buying. Collectables stock a range of sample size Yankee Candles, priced between just 96p and £1.80. These are perfect if you have never experienced a certain scent and want to ensure you like it, before you buy the bigger version. Alternatively you could purchase one of the smaller wax tarts, which also come in a
variety of scents and are very reasonably priced between 72p and £1.25 on the Collectables website.

After browsing the website I noticed that Collectables offer discounts on some of the larger Yankee candles, reducing some of them around the £14-£15 mark. They also have a fragrance of the month, which you can get a 25% discount on. The fragrance currently on offer is called 'Baby Powder' which is supposed to have a gentle and innocent scent.

As I mentioned in a previous post about candles, I love to burn them in my living room. I think it's lovely when guests come to visit and comment on how beautiful my house smells, or when I'm out and about and a certain smell reminds me of home. The larger candles will make a lovely gift, whether its for a birthday, graduation or moving in present. If you know that the person your buying for likes a few different scents, you could even box up a few of the sample sizes, for an extra personal touch.

What's your favourite Yankee Candle scent?


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Gwynedds Sports Luxe

Luxury lifestyle brand Gwynedds is soon to be launching in the UK with a stylish collection that defines the sports luxe trend. The German company was born in 2007, with the philosophy that fashion doesn't have to be complicated. The collection is made up of luxurious wardrobe essentials including sugary-sweet coloured sweaters, printed trousers and embroidered shirts, offering both comfort and effortless style.

The pieces featured above are my favourite from the S/S12 collection. I like the printed trousers the best - which is quite a first for me, as I don't normally go for trousers! I also love the colours of the two jumpers, which look so soft, comfy and wearable. The dress is also a little different from the style of dresses I would usually go for, but I like the fact it looks so casual and comfortable, perfect to wear in the day time. 

To be honest the sports luxe trend is something which I haven't really jumped on board with, mainly because I wasn't quite sure how to style it and incorporate it into my wardrobe. However the collection from Gwynedds has really inspired me to try out this current trend, which will play a key role in A/W12 too. 

This post is a little preview of what's to come from Gwynedds - expect to see their collection in UK stores from August.


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So brown eyes I hold you near cause you're the only song I want to hear

Sun glasses - Romwe // Dress - Romwe // Sandals - Next

I'm feeling oh so summery today! It isn't very often that I get my legs out, let alone do an outfit post, however I decided to just get over my fear today and do it. I know a lot of people have things they don't like about themselves and for me it's my legs. Anyway...I bought this dress from Romwe, with vouchers I won through a giveaway over on Emily's blog. It's such a pretty summery dress, featuring a beautiful vintage-style rose pattern. The only problem is that it is a little on the short side (for myself anyway) so I tend to wear it with tights if I'm leaving the house. Romwe also sent me the sunnies which I love!

I am really enjoying my day today. I got up nice and early so I could run a few errands, before cleaning my house. I am now just about to watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars whilst I make some jewellery for the craft fair I'm doing on the 12th August! Also looking forward to a glass of wine or two at the pub with a few of my best friends tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to my parent's street party that they have organised with a few of their neighbours, but I will still find time to blog :)

Happy Friday xo

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Keds Animal Print Shoes

Keds Animal Print Shoes - £110 - Exclusive the Open Ceremony Pop up store in London
You may be looking at these shoes and thinking I've seen these before...and well, you wouldn't be wrong in thinking that. Keds released their animal print shoes back in 2009 and found that they were very popular with consumers, so much so that they have just been re-released in time for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. Now I'm guessing you are wondering how on earth these are related to the Olympics, and I'm afraid I can't answer that question, as I have been thinking the exact same thing! The only connection that I could think of is that Keds are a huge sports brand so the Opening Ceremony pop up store really wanted to include a collection from them. The store is currently located on King Street in Covent Garden, however it will be moving to a larger, permanent location in the Autumn. 

I absolutely adore all things animal print and think these shoes would look great with a pair of skinny jeans. I think my favourite pair is definitely the leopard print, I've always liked leopard print way more than zebra print. I do think these shoes are lovely, however I was a little surprised by the hefty price tag. I know that Keds shoes are manufactured to such a high quality (I own a pair myself) though £110 seems a lot to pay. The price tag is being justified by the fact that these shoes are exclusive to the Opening Ceremony store and that they are made from fake pony hair. I double checked this, as personally I wouldn't like to be wearing real pony hair! 

 I am a huge fan of Keds and can certainly vouch for their quality, so feel a little awkward about highlighting the issue I'm having with the price of these shoes. However I know a lot of you will be looking and thinking £110 is a little on the expensive side too. If you have the money to spend (I'm sure a lot of tourists in London will be looking to treat themselves in store) then a pair of animal print Keds will be a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Wear them with skinny jeans, high waisted denim skirts, and sun dresses for a summer-chic look.

F&F Tesco Clothing

1. Lace Collar Shift Dress // 2. Love Heart Print Shirt Dress // 3. Spot Print Flutter Sleeve Dress
4. Stripe Tee // 5. Textured Cardigan // 6. A-Line Lace Dress // 7. Open Front Structured Blazer // 8. Mint Clutch Bag
I'm not one to usually purchase supermarket branded clothing, due to the fact that I don't really go into supermarkets all that often. I can't drive so I usually get Tesco to deliver my groceries to my door! However, after a recent trip to Tesco, I came across so many gorgeous items including those featured above. I had actually gone into the store looking for an interview dress, after being unsuccessful at Next (due to the amount of sale stuff taking over the store.) I came away with a lovely black dress, which was only £15! I'd have featured it above, however I couldn't find the exact one on the website. It also came in wine and navy blue, so I may have to purchase those as well in the near future. 

F&F at Tesco are really on trend with their clothing range, which is so reasonable priced. I sometimes find that 'cheaper' clothing doesn't fit me very well, as it seems to be too tight in some areas (chest and arms) and then really loose around my stomach area, however I have to say my F&F dress fits perfectly! I particularly like the A-Line lace dress I've featured above - the powder blue colour would look lovely against my copper tinted hair. I think a lot of the dresses at F&F are smart enough to wear for work, but also perfect if you are going out for drinks afterwards. I can certainly see myself taking another trip to Tesco very soon!

Have you bought anything from F&F at Tesco? 


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Time to get your sunnies out?

Florida Peaked Wayfarer // Celine Heavy Set Wayfarer // Istanbul Classic Style Wayfarer

Now that the sun has decided to finally make an appearance this 'Summer,' I thought it would be the best time to do a little post on sunglasses. I don't know about your but I love putting on a pair of sunnies, they always make me feel a little more confident and stylish! There are so many fashionable designer-inspired pairs available both online and on the high street, however wayfarer sunglasses are a particular favourite of mine. I find that there is just something so classy about these retro shaped glasses. When I think of Wayfarers the first thing that pops into my head is Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, however I read somewhere that she wasn't actually wearing them, but a similar shaped pair. Either way, I think they are perfect for adding a touch of class to any outfit!

I have recently been introduced to a website called Icon Eyewear - you may have already heard of them. They are one of the largest manufacturers of sunglasses in the world and have been operating since 1984. There are so many fashionable pairs of sunnies on their website, catering for both men and women. I particularly liked the three wayfarer styles featured in the image above. It's funny because I always lean towards buying tortoiseshell glasses. I would really like a classic black pair, as they go with everything, and think the peach pair would add a quirky but feminine touch to an outfit. What I really found surprising was just how affordable their glasses are, with many of their pairs retailing at just £15.00. Although I love the idea of owning designer sunglasses, fashion trends change so quickly that I just can't justify the purchase. I much prefer to buy sunglasses from retailers like Icon Eyewear, who offer similar styles at more purse-friendly prices.
Icon Eyewear are based in the UK, however they ship internationally too (I know a few of my followers are from overseas!) Whilst browsing their website I noticed that if you sign up for their newsletter you get 10% off your first purchase - always nice to get a little discount!

I know quite a few people worry about finding a pair of sunglasses that will suit their face shapes, so here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are trying to find the right pair...

What's your favourite style of sunglasses? 


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I'm a war, of head versus heart

Cardigan - H&M // Tee - Brat & Suzie // Denim Skirt - New Look // Shoes c/o Keds

I feel most like myself when I'm wearing a pretty tea dress or floral number, however sometimes it's nice to wear a cute but casual outfit. I was so excited when I found out I'd won this quirky Brat & Suzie tee in a giveaway. I absolutely love their animal designs, this 'clever fox' has such an adorable face, I love it!

I'm having quite a laid back Sunday as I have quite a few different things going on next week - I will tell you all about those things at a later date! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)


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City Goddess Shoes

'Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.' 
- Marilyn Monroe 

1. Nude Glitter Court Shoes // 2. Glitter Platform Heels 3. // Leopard Print Peep Wedge
4. Sassy Lace Courts // 5. Nude Bow Platforms // 6. Suedette Platform Court Shoes
All images credited to City Goddess
This stunning collection of heels is by City Goddess, an online fashion retailer specialising in wholesale shoes, clothing and accessories. I don't think there are many women who wouldn't feel utterly fabulous standing tall in the pairs featured above, especially the killer scarlet red courts. Having said that, if you are anything like me, you will struggle to walk in any sort of high heel, though it will never stop us wearing them! For me, heels are a definite essential for nights out and evening meals - I sort of feel under dressed without them. I love the way they elongate my legs, whilst also enhancing their shape and shall I say 'firmness.' I'm already a fairly tall girl at 5ft 8, but adding a little more height never does any harm, it boosts my confidence and definitely makes me feel more sophisticated.

City Goddess have a variety of wholesale shoes available on their website, however these six pairs were my absolute favourites. I think I was quite versatile in my choice. I particularly like the leopard print peep toe wedges, which I think would look great with a pair of high waisted jeans. I think with bold, printed shoes like this it is often best to keep the rest of your outfit fairly plain and simple, making your shoes the main feature item. Unless of course you're feeling super brave and have the confidence to clash colours and prints - I salute you! 

I also love the Nude Bow Platforms, which are quite a surprise choice for myself. I usually shy away from 'chunky' looking shoes, however I love the way this pair still looks super feminine with the creamy nude colour and delicate bow detail. I would wear this pair with a floaty chiffon dress.

Which is your favourite pair out of the six above? Do you have a particular type of shoes you always go for - wedges? courts? sky scraper heels?


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Lush: Emotional Brilliance

Yesterday I attended the Lush Nottingham event for the launch of their new 'Emotional Brilliance' product range. I was pleased to finally meet Hollie-Anne and Sophia, who were both ever so lovely, I felt like I'd known them both ages because
of our many tweets! I also got to briefly meet the lovely Becca who showed complete blogger dedication turning up after a day at work.

When I found out Lush were launching a new range of makeup, I was a little excited, especially when I saw the rainbow of colours laid out in front of me. Each colour looked fairly pigmented, with some even having a slightly shimmery finish.

The colour range includes eye liners, eye shadows and liquid lipsticks
(30 different colours available - £14.50 each)
 Lush have decided to offer their customers a slightly different experience when they visit one of their stores to purchase something from the Emotional Brilliance range. They have set up a colour wheel, where you can have a 'reading' done by one of the people working there. The idea is based around colour therapy, where you select colours at random, which are said to reflect your personality or mood at that time. The first colour you select at random is supposed to be a strength or weakness you feel, the second is something which is part of your subconscious and the final selection is your aspiration.

Hollie-Anne's colour choices

One of Hollie-Anne's random choices matched her tattoo - spooky!

The colour wheel

One of the Lush ladies helping Hollie-Anne apply one of the colours

The colours I chose during my 'reading'
I was quite pleased with the outcome of the colours I selected. I particularly liked 'bubbly' which I actually got to try out on my lips. It was a lovely coral colour with a slight shimmer - something I would be happy wearing every day. The colours are fairly strong, so you only have to apply a little at a time, however this should mean that the product will last longer. I
thought the colour wheel and reading was a lovely idea and have to say that Stuart at Lush Nottingham was a very enthusiastic host - we thought you were brilliant!

Unfortunately Hollie-Anne, Sophia and I didn't get a chance to learn about, or try out the 'Desert Island Range' but I believe that it is made up of a bronzer, highlighter, mascara and translucent powder. We couldn't get a look in once the eager  public were let in (just fifteen minutes later) - Lush really do have some dedicated fans!

I can't really do a proper review of any of the new products as I literally only got to test one of them on my lips quickly. It was a shame that there wasn't any samples to take away, as the products looked so lovely on display and I would really have liked to be able to tell you a little more about them.

I do recommend that you go into one of the stores and have your 'reading' done, as you may discover a new colour to wear - one which you never would have thought to pick out yourself.

The Emotional Brilliance range is available in stores and online from today.


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Graduation 2012

Yesterday I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a 2.1 BA degree in Broadcast Journalism. It was a lovely day, despite the horrendous rain in the morning, and I felt a real sense of achievement.
University wasn't the easier thing for me, there were even times when I didn't think I wanted to carry on with it, but I am so pleased that I perceived and with a little help from my friends (Laura & Rach I'm looking at you) and my family, I managed to get through it and do really well!

After much deliberation I decided to wear my classic black maxi dress (the one with the cream crocheted back) from Next and my good old New Look wedges. Jewellery wise I thought that less was more on this occasion and opted for my pearls, gold vintage locket bracelet and diamond ring. I kept my makeup very simple with black flicked eye liner, slightly rosed cheeks
and dark pinky / red lips.

Tonight I'm off to the Lush event for their 'emotional brilliance' launch. I am so excited to get to be part of the event, as well 
as meet Sophia, Hollie-Anne and Becca. I will definitely be blogging about the event tomorrow, so keep an eye out!


PS, I am in the Nottingham Post weekend magazine tomorrow - eek!

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FAB: Aloe Plus Review

Aloe Plus Soothing Gel c/o First Aid Beauty
Last week I was sent the 'Aloe Plus Soothing Gel' from First Aid Beauty (FAB) to review. I hadn't actually come across FAB before, so I decided to do my research, so I could share a little background information with you all. If like me you have sensitive skin, they will be a company of interest to you!

The brand: First Aid Beauty was launched in 2009 after Lilli Gordan (a beauty industry veteran) felt that there was a lack of luxury beauty products for people with sensitive skin. They were either too 'medicated' or heavily perfumed, which can often cause irritation. She created First Aid Beauty to provide effective luxury products that treat skincare issues like eczema and acne.

The product: Aloe Plus is a soothing gel that cools and calms your skin, whilst also reducing irritation. It is free from harsh chemicals and known allergens like parabens, alcohol, fragrances and artificial dyes, and can be used by people with sensitive skin.

I have been using this product every day since I received it. Initially I was unsure whether I 'needed' to use it, as it said it was great for soothing sunburn and shaving rashes, of which I had neither. However whilst studying the bottle I saw that it could be used on the face, as well as the rest of the body. I sometimes find that my face feels quite hot and just generally 'icky' 
when I first take my make up off, so decided to apply the product to see if it made any difference. I have to say, it really 
does cool your skin down as soon as you've rubbed it in. It is light on the skin and soaks in straight away, so you are left feeling fresh rather than sticky or greasy. I also like the fact that it is fragrance free, as I sometimes find that perfumed products can be a little too much on my face, especially in the evening. 

I actually got quite badly sun burnt a few weeks ago (remember when we thought Summer had started?) and could have done with using this product then! Obviously I am not hoping to get sun burnt again (it's never going to happen in this weather anyway) but if I do catch the sun at some point, I will definitely be applying Aloe + in hope that it works its magic.

The Packaging: FAB tend to keep their packaging very simple looking, as they believe its more important to concentrate on what's inside! As you can see in the image above, Aloe + comes in a white squeezy bottle, featuring red, silver and grey text. It clearly states what the product is, what it is used for and what ingredients have been used to make it. The packaging isn't the sort that would really make the product stand out amongst others on a shelf in a store, however I quite like how simple it is, as it reflects the 'natural' ethics and values that the company promotes.

Inside the bottle...

Where to buy: 
First Aid Beauty: $20 for 4 oZ (113.4g)
Boots: £14.00 for 4 oZ (113.4g)
Beauty Bay: £11.00 (reduced from £14.00) for 4 oZ (113.4g)

Final Verdict:
As much as I like the product, I don't feel like I 'need' it, but it is a nice addition to my skincare routine. I think it is definitely worth a try if you frequently suffer from heat rashes, or irritated skin. First Aid Beauty have a whole range of products suitable for sensitive skin types. I can definitely see myself purchasing from them in the near future, as I really like what the brand stands for. I would particularly like to try their facial radiance pads and ultra repair beauty balm.

Have you tried anything from FAB before?


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*Thank you Olivia at nobull communications for sending the product for review*

Best Kept Secrets Candles

Patchouli,Cedarwood & Ylang // Lemongrass, Pepper & Thyme // Ylang, Bergamot & Rose
If you are an avid reader of Seek My Scribbles, you'll be aware of just how much I love handmade items. Being a crafter myself, I appreciate just how much effort, love and dedication is put into each individual item, which I think makes the products that little bit more special to own. I have always loved candles ever since I was little and would spend time admiring my mum's beautiful floating candles, which she'd place in a glass bowl in our living room. Now that I have my own house, I love to purchase scented candles, varying between creamy vanilla scents, floral notes and refreshing citruses. 

Best Kept Secrets have created a range of natural scented, handmade candles . They are made using essential oils and soy wax (from renewable sources), and are said to burn for up to 35 hours. There are 12 scents to choose from, but I particularly liked the sound of the three featured in the image above. I used to have a Cedarwood & Ylang bubble bath, so already know that I would adore this aromatic scent. I think the Lemongrass would be so refreshing and would definitely wake you up in the morning. The Rose scented candle would be perfect to burn in the late afternoon, when you are getting ready to wind down for the evening ahead.
Daisy Bouquet // Faerie Wishes & Kisses / Vanilla Whisper

When I saw these candle tins on the website, I couldn't help but get a little bit excited. I am definitely going to have to purchase a few when the huge candles in my lounge finally burn out! How adorable does the 'Faerie Wishes & Kisses' candle sound? I'm always attracted to wonderful and whimsical names. I also picked out the Daisy Bouquet and Vanilla Whisper candles to show you, as they are both scents that I equally love. These candles burn for approximately 50 hours. I think they would make such a lovely birthday present or Christmas gift - I know that I would certainly love to receive one! If you are looking for an extra special gift, Best Kept Secrets actually offer a personalised candles service on their website. For £9.99, you can choose from a variety of scents, for different occasions, adding personalised messages and candle toppings.

Do you have a 'signature scent' in your house? Which candles from Best Kept Secrets do you like the sound of?


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Wishlist: Pretty Pink Items

Office Lady Candy Coloured Handbag OASAP // L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Lip Glow Boots // Mini Peplum Shift Dress Topshop // OPI Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It Rush

Whilst browsing some of my favourite online stores, I found that I was drawn to a lot of pink items! Of course you wouldn't want to wear all of these items together, unless you happen to be a real life Elle Woods, but teamed with black, gold, or pastel coloured accessories, these items will all slide right into your 'looks' for this summer, with ease.

1. I find that I'm quite frequently spending time browsing through OASAP's collection of beautiful handbags. This is the
latest one I've had my eye on. I love the candy pink colour and think this looks like a good sized handbag.

2. I've wanted to try one of these 'tailor made' lipsticks for a while. They are supposed to react to the heat and moisture of your lips, to create a unique shade. I wonder if they actually work well.. Anyone tried one?

3. To me this dress is perfection. I love the fit of shift dresses and the fact that they always look stylish and sophisticated, perfect for so many occasions. The peplum detail and bold corally pink colour make this dress a staple item this summer.

4. As soon as I saw the OPI Minnie Mouse collection I immediately fell in love. I particularly like the look of 'Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It' which is more of a shimmery top coat that features lovely little hearts. I have read that it is a pain to apply, however I think it would be worth the extra effort to have a set of cute, 'Minnie inspired'  nails.


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Ultimate Holiday Hair Style - Fishtail Plait

The other day I was contacted by Katie from Best British Bloggers to see if I wanted to enter a competition to win £250 worth of GHD goodies. The rules were simple, all I had to do was document, using images or video, how I'd create the ultimate holiday hair style, and post it here on my blog! Until recently I haven't really been styling my hair much, however 
I have always wanted to do a fishtail plait, as they look so pretty and are very versatile too. I think they are perfect for holidays, as they will keep your hair out of your face, whilst you're lounging by the pool, but then look super sophisticated and stunning when you go out in the evening for a meal, or drinks. Please note I am not a pro when it comes to hair styling, 
but I love to try out new styles, so I thought I'd have a go at entering the competition for fun!

(Plus two hair bands. You can use any similar branded products that you like) 

1.       I always find that plaits look neater when my hair has been straightened first. Remember to spray your hair generously with a heat protection product and comb it through before you straighten it, as you normally would.
2.       Next, choose the side you would like your plait to lie, I always choose the opposite side to my fringe. Secure your hair just behind your ear, in a side pony tail, using a hairband.
3.       Next comb through your pony tail and split it into two equal sections – let’s call them A & B (it doesn’t matter which is which – it’s just to help me explain the next bit)
4.       Take a small section of hair from underneath section A, and pull this tightly across the rest of your hair, over into section B. Then from section B, take a small section of hair (from underneath) and cross it over, adding it to section A. Repeat this until you get towards the end of your pony tail. The smaller the sections of hair, the neater your fishtail plait will look. Make sure you keep pulling your hair tightly for the best effect!
5.       Secure the bottom of your plait with another hair band. Pull your hair back over your ear (if you like) and tease a few strands out at the front, for a softer look.
6.       Gently tie a piece of ribbon over the hairband, for added 'pretty-ness'

Have you tried a fishtail plait on your own hair? What's your ultimate holiday hair style?


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Gorgeous dresses from Goddiva

1. Daisy Print Dress // 2. Lace Shift Dress // 3. Bandeau Crochet Dress // 4. Beaded Fringe Flapper Dress // 5. Chain Print Shift Dress // 6. Gold Gilded Flapper Dress

I don't know about you, but when I am on a night out, or at a party, I am always slightly disappointed when I see someone wearing exactly the same dress as the one I've got on. Hence why I am always keen to find new online fashion stores, with collections that differ to those you find in high street stores. After being introduced to Goddiva, I couldn't help but spend a while looking through all of their beautiful party dresses, deciding on which to pick as my favourites. I seem to have a bit of a 'black and blue' theme going on in the dresses above. I always lean towards black dresses for special occasions, as I really 
don't think you can go wrong with a classic LBD. As for light blue, it is a colour I wouldn't usually pick, however since dying my hair a copper / ginger colour, I've found that it is a colour that really compliments my new look! I particularly like the 'Bandeau Crochet Dress' featured above. It's such a pretty dress - I love the crochet pattern and the contrasting black ribbon. Like with many of the dresses featured above, it comes in a range of different colours.

1. Maxi Dress (in the style of Jessica Alba) // 2. Draped Maxi Dress in Mocha // 3. Tropical Print Maxi Dress //
4. Diamante Glam Maxi Dress
After a previous post on Maxi dresses, I found that quite a few of you said that you often struggle to find a style that suits you, so I thought I would share my four favourite dresses from Goddiva's collection. Again, I tend to lean towards black maxi dresses as I think they are so versatile. You can either style them with stacked bangles and sandals for a more 'boho' look, or dress them with gold jewellery and an up-do for a sophisticated 'going-out' look. The tropical print maxi caught my eye amongst all of the other dresses, the colours are stunning and I love the bold print! I have been wanting a floral / tropical maxi for a while now, so I think I may just have to take the plunge and buy one soon!

What do you think of these gorgeous dresses? Which is your favourite out of the dresses featured above?


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Birdcage Jewellery

Available from the Megan Jane Jewellery store - £9.99
Birdcage necklaces are one of my favourite things to design and make. I love playing around with different coloured roses, adding pearls, glass beads and crystals to make them even more enchanting. My birdcage necklaces have a romantic, whimsical and sometimes 'vintagey' feel to them. Each of the cages has a little door that opens, with a swinging perch inside. These necklaces look lovely worn with collared blouses, knitted jumpers and pretty tea dresses. They are sure to catch the eye of passes by!

 I currently have these five designs available on my website if any of them take your fancy.


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Sanctuary Skincare

If there's a brand I adore, perhaps even more than my beloved Soap and Glory, it's Sanctuary. As with many of the skincare brands I use today, it was my mum who introduced me to Sanctuary products a few years ago. I love the scent of all of their products and don't think that they're too badly priced to say just how lovely the products are. They also are against animal testing, which is always a massive plus in my eyes. I thought I'd do a little review of three of the products I currently own, however I have tried a number of products in the past including the foaming shower mousse, foaming bath soak, bath oil and body mist, and they are all as wonderful as each other! 

Sanctuary Body Scrub
I think I'd have to say this is my favourite body scrub. I tend to use it a few times a week as I love how it leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh.I sometimes find with body scrubs that little bits in the gel feel really horrible and rough. I know they're supposed to be slightly rough to exfoliate your skin, but you don't want them to be too harsh! This body scrub is very gentle, so really appeals to me. It has a gorgeous, sweet scent made up of patchouli & orange oil. 

50ml (mini - perfect for travel) at Boots: £2.50 
50ml on Sanctuary website: £2.00
500ml at Boots: £5.50
500ml on Sanctuary website: £5.25

Sanctuary Body Butter
This intensive skin moisturiser contains cocoa buttery, shea butter and macadamia nut oil, and smells absolutely divine! 
It is my favourite 'body butter' to use, as it soaks into the skin really quickly and doesn't have that sticky or wet feel that 
you sometimes get with body lotion. I can see why it is called a butter as it has quite a thick creamy texture, but it doesn't 
feel heavy on the skin which is good! 

150ml at Boots: £9.50
150ml on Sanctuary website: £9.20
50ml (mini) on Sanctuary website: £2.40

Sanctuary Body Wash
Again, I don't really have anything bad to say about this product, I absolutely love it! At the moment I am alternating between this, my body scrub and the strawberry shower cream which I featured in my holiday essentials post. This product feels like a really runny gel, perhaps between an oil and a gel? I don't know. It's beautifully scented once again, containing essential oils and spices. I find the gentle aromatic smell quite refreshing, but not too overpowering, which is great for evening showers, when you want to wind down and relax.

75ml at Boots: £2.50
250ml at Boots: £5.50
75ml on Sanctuary website: £2.40
250l on Sanctuary website: £5.10

Have you tried any products from this brand, or visited one of their spas? Let me know in the comments below!


I purchased all of the products featured in this post // Photos belong to Seek My Scribbles

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