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Collectables - Yankee Candles

Sandalwood Vanilla // French Vanilla // Cherry Blossom // Beach Walk
There's no doubt about it, the majority of us love Yankee Candles, and why wouldn't we? They offer a huge variety of scents that are not only beautiful, but long-lasting.They can evoke memories, create a particular mood and help to make your house feel a little bit more like a home. Yankee candles are often featured in the blogosphere, however I thought I'd post about them today, as I've recently been introduced to a website called Collectables that actually offers them at a discounted, exclusive
web price.

To some £19.99 for a large candle may seem a little expensive, however you have to think about the quality of the candles, their scent, and how long the candles will burn for. If you are going to spend money on a large candle like the ones above, it's important that you like the scent that you are buying. Collectables stock a range of sample size Yankee Candles, priced between just 96p and £1.80. These are perfect if you have never experienced a certain scent and want to ensure you like it, before you buy the bigger version. Alternatively you could purchase one of the smaller wax tarts, which also come in a
variety of scents and are very reasonably priced between 72p and £1.25 on the Collectables website.

After browsing the website I noticed that Collectables offer discounts on some of the larger Yankee candles, reducing some of them around the £14-£15 mark. They also have a fragrance of the month, which you can get a 25% discount on. The fragrance currently on offer is called 'Baby Powder' which is supposed to have a gentle and innocent scent.

As I mentioned in a previous post about candles, I love to burn them in my living room. I think it's lovely when guests come to visit and comment on how beautiful my house smells, or when I'm out and about and a certain smell reminds me of home. The larger candles will make a lovely gift, whether its for a birthday, graduation or moving in present. If you know that the person your buying for likes a few different scents, you could even box up a few of the sample sizes, for an extra personal touch.

What's your favourite Yankee Candle scent?


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  1. my favourite yankee candle is clean cotton! i literally am in love with it!! x

  2. I love yankee candles - especially cinnamon!


  3. Never had these candles but I have smelled them and they smell just amazing!

  4. I am forever in Collectibles shops smelling all the candles! They are amazing , my favourite! x

  5. My favourite Yankee Candle is Vanilla Lime - so good! xx

  6. LOVE yankee candles but the price tag is quite steep. I agree, though, that the quality of these is absolutely amazing!


  7. Thanks for all of your comments ladies! It seems like everyone has their own favourite scent! xo