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F&F Tesco Clothing

1. Lace Collar Shift Dress // 2. Love Heart Print Shirt Dress // 3. Spot Print Flutter Sleeve Dress
4. Stripe Tee // 5. Textured Cardigan // 6. A-Line Lace Dress // 7. Open Front Structured Blazer // 8. Mint Clutch Bag
I'm not one to usually purchase supermarket branded clothing, due to the fact that I don't really go into supermarkets all that often. I can't drive so I usually get Tesco to deliver my groceries to my door! However, after a recent trip to Tesco, I came across so many gorgeous items including those featured above. I had actually gone into the store looking for an interview dress, after being unsuccessful at Next (due to the amount of sale stuff taking over the store.) I came away with a lovely black dress, which was only £15! I'd have featured it above, however I couldn't find the exact one on the website. It also came in wine and navy blue, so I may have to purchase those as well in the near future. 

F&F at Tesco are really on trend with their clothing range, which is so reasonable priced. I sometimes find that 'cheaper' clothing doesn't fit me very well, as it seems to be too tight in some areas (chest and arms) and then really loose around my stomach area, however I have to say my F&F dress fits perfectly! I particularly like the A-Line lace dress I've featured above - the powder blue colour would look lovely against my copper tinted hair. I think a lot of the dresses at F&F are smart enough to wear for work, but also perfect if you are going out for drinks afterwards. I can certainly see myself taking another trip to Tesco very soon!

Have you bought anything from F&F at Tesco? 


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  1. i love your picks, Your blog is very lovely by the ways :)

    (open to all)

  2. I have the odd piece from tesco, mostly the shoes! I haven't checked them out recently but it looks like I may have to have a cheeky look in! x

  3. Really love the items you picked out. Such a beautiful pastel colour pallet!
    The black dress with the collar is stunning. So simple yet still looks amazing!
    Love your blog :)


  4. I love items 1 and 7! The orange blazer is so now and would look fab wearing with shorts or even skinnies :) xox

  5. Gorgeous pieces, such pretty colours. The dresses are lovely :) xx