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Lush: Emotional Brilliance

Yesterday I attended the Lush Nottingham event for the launch of their new 'Emotional Brilliance' product range. I was pleased to finally meet Hollie-Anne and Sophia, who were both ever so lovely, I felt like I'd known them both ages because
of our many tweets! I also got to briefly meet the lovely Becca who showed complete blogger dedication turning up after a day at work.

When I found out Lush were launching a new range of makeup, I was a little excited, especially when I saw the rainbow of colours laid out in front of me. Each colour looked fairly pigmented, with some even having a slightly shimmery finish.

The colour range includes eye liners, eye shadows and liquid lipsticks
(30 different colours available - £14.50 each)
 Lush have decided to offer their customers a slightly different experience when they visit one of their stores to purchase something from the Emotional Brilliance range. They have set up a colour wheel, where you can have a 'reading' done by one of the people working there. The idea is based around colour therapy, where you select colours at random, which are said to reflect your personality or mood at that time. The first colour you select at random is supposed to be a strength or weakness you feel, the second is something which is part of your subconscious and the final selection is your aspiration.

Hollie-Anne's colour choices

One of Hollie-Anne's random choices matched her tattoo - spooky!

The colour wheel

One of the Lush ladies helping Hollie-Anne apply one of the colours

The colours I chose during my 'reading'
I was quite pleased with the outcome of the colours I selected. I particularly liked 'bubbly' which I actually got to try out on my lips. It was a lovely coral colour with a slight shimmer - something I would be happy wearing every day. The colours are fairly strong, so you only have to apply a little at a time, however this should mean that the product will last longer. I
thought the colour wheel and reading was a lovely idea and have to say that Stuart at Lush Nottingham was a very enthusiastic host - we thought you were brilliant!

Unfortunately Hollie-Anne, Sophia and I didn't get a chance to learn about, or try out the 'Desert Island Range' but I believe that it is made up of a bronzer, highlighter, mascara and translucent powder. We couldn't get a look in once the eager  public were let in (just fifteen minutes later) - Lush really do have some dedicated fans!

I can't really do a proper review of any of the new products as I literally only got to test one of them on my lips quickly. It was a shame that there wasn't any samples to take away, as the products looked so lovely on display and I would really have liked to be able to tell you a little more about them.

I do recommend that you go into one of the stores and have your 'reading' done, as you may discover a new colour to wear - one which you never would have thought to pick out yourself.

The Emotional Brilliance range is available in stores and online from today.


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  1. I like the concept of this. Sucks you didn't get a chance to see the Desert Island Range. Wonder what their highlighter looks like! xx

  2. The concept was great! It is such a shame I didn't get to see the other range though, I think they were definitely pushed for time! xo

  3. great post!! my friend is a manager of one of their stores so i'll have to ask him if he can pick a few items for me

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  4. Thanks Helen! Yeah you should definitely try them out and see which colours you like best! xo

  5. Amazing colours.. Love that Lush are doing make up.. I really like their stuff anyway so excited to try their new products out!

    Claudia X

  6. The colours really were beautiful! Thanks for your comment Claudia xo

  7. There are some lovely products. Some of the things do seem quite pricey, though. I'll have to pop into my local and have a look around! Haha.



  8. I completely agree, I thought £14.50 was expensive for what is essentially a high street product. However I have to admire Lush's ethics and the effort they put into making each of their products, so perhaps the quality will make them worth the money :)
    Definitely pop to one of their stores and try the products out for yourself. I would definitely need to do proper swatches before being able to review the products properly, but I hope this blog post gave you a little taste of the new products.

    Thanks for your comment Emily xo

  9. I will be checking this out when I'm next in Lush, I think it's a fun concept -- although a lot of the colours do seem very bright that they scare me!! x

  10. looks like such a great event, i'll have to pop down and have a look :)

    Jo. x