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Sanctuary Skincare

If there's a brand I adore, perhaps even more than my beloved Soap and Glory, it's Sanctuary. As with many of the skincare brands I use today, it was my mum who introduced me to Sanctuary products a few years ago. I love the scent of all of their products and don't think that they're too badly priced to say just how lovely the products are. They also are against animal testing, which is always a massive plus in my eyes. I thought I'd do a little review of three of the products I currently own, however I have tried a number of products in the past including the foaming shower mousse, foaming bath soak, bath oil and body mist, and they are all as wonderful as each other! 

Sanctuary Body Scrub
I think I'd have to say this is my favourite body scrub. I tend to use it a few times a week as I love how it leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh.I sometimes find with body scrubs that little bits in the gel feel really horrible and rough. I know they're supposed to be slightly rough to exfoliate your skin, but you don't want them to be too harsh! This body scrub is very gentle, so really appeals to me. It has a gorgeous, sweet scent made up of patchouli & orange oil. 

50ml (mini - perfect for travel) at Boots: £2.50 
50ml on Sanctuary website: £2.00
500ml at Boots: £5.50
500ml on Sanctuary website: £5.25

Sanctuary Body Butter
This intensive skin moisturiser contains cocoa buttery, shea butter and macadamia nut oil, and smells absolutely divine! 
It is my favourite 'body butter' to use, as it soaks into the skin really quickly and doesn't have that sticky or wet feel that 
you sometimes get with body lotion. I can see why it is called a butter as it has quite a thick creamy texture, but it doesn't 
feel heavy on the skin which is good! 

150ml at Boots: £9.50
150ml on Sanctuary website: £9.20
50ml (mini) on Sanctuary website: £2.40

Sanctuary Body Wash
Again, I don't really have anything bad to say about this product, I absolutely love it! At the moment I am alternating between this, my body scrub and the strawberry shower cream which I featured in my holiday essentials post. This product feels like a really runny gel, perhaps between an oil and a gel? I don't know. It's beautifully scented once again, containing essential oils and spices. I find the gentle aromatic smell quite refreshing, but not too overpowering, which is great for evening showers, when you want to wind down and relax.

75ml at Boots: £2.50
250ml at Boots: £5.50
75ml on Sanctuary website: £2.40
250l on Sanctuary website: £5.10

Have you tried any products from this brand, or visited one of their spas? Let me know in the comments below!


I purchased all of the products featured in this post // Photos belong to Seek My Scribbles

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  1. These products sound lovely, especially the body scrub going from the scent of it. They are all quite reasonably priced also which is tempting.


  2. Sanctuary body products are gorge! The spicy scent is amazing :D glad you like them too :)

  3. ooh great post, i havent tried any of these products but might have to now, especially as theyre not too pricey!
    nicola xxx

  4. wow looks amazing!! i love how it just looks fresh!


  5. I can definitely recommend trying them if you haven't already ladies! If you get all of the little minis you can have your own 'mini' spa at home (: xo

  6. oooh I may have to try these, I've not tried the sanctuary stuff before xx

  7. I have never tried products for that brand, but they seem great!

  8. Thanks for all of your comments ladies! xo

  9. I absolutely love the Sanctuary skin care :) They do the best moisturisers :) xx