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Ultimate Holiday Hair Style - Fishtail Plait

The other day I was contacted by Katie from Best British Bloggers to see if I wanted to enter a competition to win £250 worth of GHD goodies. The rules were simple, all I had to do was document, using images or video, how I'd create the ultimate holiday hair style, and post it here on my blog! Until recently I haven't really been styling my hair much, however 
I have always wanted to do a fishtail plait, as they look so pretty and are very versatile too. I think they are perfect for holidays, as they will keep your hair out of your face, whilst you're lounging by the pool, but then look super sophisticated and stunning when you go out in the evening for a meal, or drinks. Please note I am not a pro when it comes to hair styling, 
but I love to try out new styles, so I thought I'd have a go at entering the competition for fun!

(Plus two hair bands. You can use any similar branded products that you like) 

1.       I always find that plaits look neater when my hair has been straightened first. Remember to spray your hair generously with a heat protection product and comb it through before you straighten it, as you normally would.
2.       Next, choose the side you would like your plait to lie, I always choose the opposite side to my fringe. Secure your hair just behind your ear, in a side pony tail, using a hairband.
3.       Next comb through your pony tail and split it into two equal sections – let’s call them A & B (it doesn’t matter which is which – it’s just to help me explain the next bit)
4.       Take a small section of hair from underneath section A, and pull this tightly across the rest of your hair, over into section B. Then from section B, take a small section of hair (from underneath) and cross it over, adding it to section A. Repeat this until you get towards the end of your pony tail. The smaller the sections of hair, the neater your fishtail plait will look. Make sure you keep pulling your hair tightly for the best effect!
5.       Secure the bottom of your plait with another hair band. Pull your hair back over your ear (if you like) and tease a few strands out at the front, for a softer look.
6.       Gently tie a piece of ribbon over the hairband, for added 'pretty-ness'

Have you tried a fishtail plait on your own hair? What's your ultimate holiday hair style?


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