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Most Wanted

So yesterday I completely forgot to do my Monday's Most Wanted and it was only the second week - such a bad blogger! I had one in mind so rather than waiting until next Monday, I thought I'd share it today instead. Recently I did a post on a British company called Abide and their first collection for S/S '12 called 'Meadow Girls.' I have recently been given a sneak peak of their A/W '12 collection and it is truly lovely. Just see for yourself...

Key pieces from Abide's A/W collection
The second collection from Abide bares some similarities to the previous collection in terms of colour and femininity, however it includes pieces like the 'Emma' cape, which are sure to keep you cosy in the winter months. Each piece is made from purely British materials, which I personally think makes them that little bit more special. I particularly like the dipped hem dress featured in the middle image - I've actually been looking to buy a dipped dress and think this one is perfect! I also love the lemon yellow dress, paired with the grey woolly knee highs.

Have you checked out Abide's website? What do you think of their lovely designs?

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Miss Patina A/W 2012 collection

It's that time of year when our favourite brands launch their A/W collections and fans of Miss Patina are certainly in for a treat. Inspired by fashion from the 50s and 60s, the designers behind the upcoming brand have chosen to celebrate the female figure with a beautiful collection of sheer blouses, high waisted skirts and A-line dresses. Their colour palette is perfect for 
the season ahead featuring maroon, teal, burnt orange, earthy browns, deep blues and dusky pinks.
After the success of Miss Patina's winter coat collection last year, the designers have concentrated on creating an even better selection for the season ahead featuring tweed blazers, box coats with contrasting sleeves, coats with detailed lace trims and removable oversized faux fur collars. 

Their A/W collection is sophisticated, stylish and most importantly unique. Miss Patina are quickly becoming known throughout Europe for their vintage-inspired designs and looking at their latest collection, it's easy to see why so many women are falling in love with their beautiful clothes.

I've got my eye on the lace collar coat, which also comes in a lovely deep maroon colour. Keep an eye out for the collection which will soon be available on their website.

Follow Miss Patina on Twitter for their latest fashion updates, or follow their Facebook page.

A Year of Blogging: Giveaway


I can't quite believe it's been a year since I started blogging! Of course like many other bloggers my very first few didn't really receive many views or comments, but I was happy to just write for myself. Although I may not have achieved as much as some other people in their first year of blogging, I am proud of what I have achieved so far and I am overwhelmed that I have over 200 people following Seek My Scribbles. I enjoy each and every post I write and I hope you enjoy reading them! I love getting to know my readers, other bloggers and companies and I'm truly thankful for all of the opportunities that have come from writing my blog.

A few of my blogging highlights so far:
- Meeting other lovely fashion bloggers at my first ever event (Rockalily ZOMG launch in London)
- Being named as Next's Blogger of the month in March
- Meeting Hollie-Anne, a wonderful writer, person and friend
- Working with some amazing fashion / jewellery companies
- Being featured in the Nottingham Post
- Reaching 100 followers (now over 200) - I can't thank you all enough.

To celebrate I thought I would do a little giveaway. Most of you will know that I make handmade jewellery, so I thought a 'Megan Jane Jewellery' prize would be fitting! The giveaway will run for 3 weeks and there will be just one winner, who will win:
- One of a kind pink hot air balloon necklace
- Wine rose ring
- Pink daisy ring
- Pearl ring


a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you enjoy taking part in the giveaway - good luck to all! xo

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Homeware Wishlist

1. Hens Place mats // 2. Cath Kidston Floral Mug Set // 3. Emma Bridgewater British Bird Teapot // 4.  Joseph Joseph Utensils // 5. Joseph Joseph Coffee Saver // 6. Maxwell and Willliams Cup and Saucer
Homeware is something I think I could spend all day looking at. Kitchen accessories are a particular favourite of mine. I'm forever falling in love with vintage style tea pots, cute cups and colourful kitchen utensils. The items featured above are all sold on a website called Oldrids and Downtown. They stock all of the big kitchenware brands including Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater and Joseph Joseph.

If you know me or you frequently read my blog, you'll know how much I love Cath Kidston. I've had my eye on this set for ages and I think I may have to treat myself soon and carefully cram (can you carefully cram?) them into my cluttered cupboard of pretty cups. I know someone who would really love to add that teapot to their collection - yes I'm looking at you mum. Although I love vintage-inspired / kitschy accessories, I'm also really drawn to Joseph Joseph's range - I think it's the bright colours that does it! How awesome is that worktop saver?

Along with their wonderful range of kitchen items, Oldrids and Downtown also stock bedroom and living room furniture, including sofas, dressing tables and Tempur beds. I particularly like their bedroom draws, especially the Charleston 7 draw chest, which would double up nicely as a dressing table, with a matching mirror. 

Do you own any of the items above? How would you design your dream kitchen?


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Nottingham's 48 Hours of Fashion Event

Image credit to: It's In Nottingham
Event Dates: 12-13th October 2012
I'm excited to tell you about a fashion event that will be taking place in Nottingham this October! The Nottingham Retail Business Improvement District (or BID if that's too much of a mouthful) has revealed their plans for a fashion event on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th October. It is to be called '48 hours of Fashion' and it's hoped that it will further enhance Nottingham's reputation as being a major fashion centre, showcasing some of the city's finest fashion designers and retailers. Here in Nottingham you'll find all of the main fashion retailers and department stores, as well as independent fashion labels, ensuring shoppers are spoilt for choice!

There will be four different parts to the event:

Fashion Shows at Broadmarsh Shopping Centre & The Exchange
There will be stunning choreographed performances from talented models and dancers, styled by some of Nottingham's top fashion retailers. Shows will run throughout the day, and if (I say if) we have nice weather, they will also be performing in the streets.

Style Hub
BID will be setting up a Style Hub in the Victoria Centre. Here you can use the body scanner for in-depth body shape analysis and also be treated to free hair and beauty mini makeovers. There will also be stylists on hand to talk about the trends for A/W 2012.

48 Hour Wardrobe
Over at the Broadmarsh shopping centre and The Exchange there will also be a '48 Hours of Fashion Wardrobe' which will present the pick of this season's collections. You will also be able to watch presentations from stylists about what they believe are wardrobe staples for the coming A/W season.

Fashion Ambassadors
Both male and female fashion ambassadors will be roaming the city streets, styled in gorgeous winter coats, for the coming season. They will be promoting the events directly to the public whilst they go about doing their shopping.

There will be plenty of special offers and retailer specific events during the event, giving you a chance to really indulge in and celebrate Nottingham's finest fashion retailers.

I'm really looking forward to the event and will definitely be popping along to watch the fashion shows (blog photos a plenty!) and treat myself to a mini makeover! Who's joining me?


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Monday's Most Wanted

I thought I'd start a new little feature for Monday's, which I'll just run for a few weeks and see what happens! It's simple really, I'm just going to feature my 'Most Wanted' items, from either a high street store, online retailer on indie designer. This week I have fallen completely in love with the 'Foxy Collection' from Sugarhill Boutique...

Foxy Blouse // Foxy Dress // Foxy Skirt
I love how they have kept to just two core colours in these designs: black and burgundy. They go so well together, as well as other colours like white and grey. I can't get over how cute the fox print is and can definitely see myself buying either the dress or skirt sometime soon! I also really love the collar detail on the dress. In the day time I'd team it with black tights, a pair of pumps, or ankle boots and a brown satchel bag, and for a 'going out' look I'd dress it up with a pair of heels and perhaps some gold vintage jewellery.

What do you think of Sugarhill Boutique's Foxy Collection?

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My Beauty Wishlist

Essie Pinking Up The Pieces // Models Own Pink Fizz // Body Shop Colourglide Shine Lip Colour // Models Own Mixed Up // Tangle Teezer // Pixi Eyeshadow Quartette // Lime Crime Dark Red Lipstick // Real Techniques Core Collection Kit // Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara (False Lash Effect)
Just a little post today my lovelies! Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week, I have been a very busy bee. Working as a freelance writer, I find that some weeks I have hardly anything to do, and others it's CRAZY busy. This week was crazy busy, very crazy busy indeed. Anyway... I am planning spending the week working on my blog and jewellery. It's actually Seek My Scribble's first birthday on the 24th August, so I am going to finally do another giveaway. It's likely to include Megan Jane Jewellery pieces, as I think it's extra special being able to give away something that I've made myself. I'm over 200 followers now (if I add up GFC, Blog Lovin and Hello Cotton) so it's a double celebration really. I will let you know more details in a few days time.

A lot of the beauty items featured above are actually there due to blogger hype! I am a sucker for products that have been plastered all over the blogosphere, like the Real Techniques brushes and Tangle Teezer. I'm also completely in love with the Lime Crime lipsticks, so desperate to get my hands on one. I really like the dark red colour, as well as some of the brighter pink and purple lipsticks on their website. They are vegan friendly, which is always a positive! I have recently been sent a sample of the Yves Saint Laurent mascara and I absolutely love it - I'll do a little review in a few days time.

What's on your beauty wish list? Any of the items above?


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Designer watches from Watch Warehouse

Calvin Klein Ladies Watch // Marc By Marc Jacobs // Rotary Ladies Watch // Michael Kors
In all honesty, until recently, I had never been much of a 'watch person.' I don't know if it was my fear of people me asking the time, and experiencing that moment of panic when you temporarily forget how to tell the time, or whether I just felt they were unnecessary now that we have our mobile phones glued to our hands throughout each day. Saying that, I did want a bright coloured, tacky Baby G watch from Argos, like every other 10 year old at the time, but thankfully my mother steered me away from them, choosing to purchase a cute charm bracelet instead.

Recently I have been thinking of treating myself to a watch, to wear as an accessory (I know I won't use it to tell the time even it if I'm wearing it) so when I was introduced to a website called 'Watch Warehouse,' I thought it was rather fitting to blog about it. Out of the hundreds of watches I browsed through, the four featured above were the ones that really caught my eye.

Michael Kors
It's funny because when chunky man-like watches became fashionable for women to wear, I really couldn't understand why anyone would want to wear such a heavy watch on their dainty wrist! That was until a few of my friends started to buy the Michael Kors designs and I could totally see how lovely they looked on. I really like the rose gold version, which I have seen featured on quite a few other blogs too. Watch Warehouse were selling it at a discounted price, however I clicked on the website earlier and it seems to have vanished, so maybe they've sold out, due the the amazing price they were offering!

Marc Jacobs
I really like this chic and sophisticated design and think the rose gold trims offer a nice contrast against the clean-cut white strap. This is clearly a feminine watch, but isn't overally girly, making it easy to incorporate into any outfit. 

I can't quite put my finger on why, but I love these sort of  watches. It is probably because they have such a vintage feel to them, and who doesn't like a little vintage eh? I would easily be able to wear a watch like this every day.It looks light, comfortable, and would look great with a tea dress, cardigan and satchel bag.

Calvin Klein
Possibly my favourite out of the four watches above, the Calvin Klein watch is super simple, whilst still looking every bit as fashionable as the more detailed designs. I love the sleek clock face and the versatile tan coloured strap means that you could wear this watch with any outfit. 

Do you wear a designer watch? Which out of the four is your favourite style?


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Megan Jane Jewellery: First Craft Fair

Yesterday I did my first ever craft fair at the Thoresby Miners Welfare in Edwinstowe. I was so nervous that people wouldn't like my handmade jewellery and that I wouldn't sell anything, but I ended up having such a successful day. I think I need to have more confidence in myself! Everyone was so lovely and I enjoyed meeting some of the other crafters and vintage sellers. It was also great to see a few other younger stall holders there, like Bella Lu Vintage!

I must say a big thank you to Katie for organising the 'Something Different' Fayre. Plenty of people came through the door which goes to show how much effort she put into ensuring it was well advertised!

My parents and I had a lot of fun playing around with the layout of my table. I wanted to make it look quite vintagey with the cream table cloths (thank you Liz & Christine) and a little scattered / mix match, like a dressing table. My parents suggested using the jewellery boxes which were such a lovely idea. I always think it's fun when you go to a fair and there is jewellery in little draws. We hung earrings off vintage tea cups and placed a selection of handmade rings on a pretty dark blue vintage plate. The cute little elephant earring holder also went down a treat. I think adding texture to a craft table, really makes a difference!

I got so many lovely compliments on my handmade jewellery and have been invited to a couple more local craft fairs, so I'm feeling quite excited and optimistic! If you are from the Nottinghamshire area and can suggest any more to me, feel free to comment below.


Thank you to my parents for your support & for helping me out - it means a lot! 

Friday's Face

'Friday's Face' isn't a post that I'm going to do every week, maybe just on the odd occasions, when I particularly like my makeup, or perhaps have something new to try.

I'm not one of those girls with an extensive collection of makeup. If I had the money to spare I'm sure I would splash out on Mac, Nars and other higher end products, but at the moment I'm happy with drug store / high street brands. I love the Soap and Glory foundation and have actually reviewed it here. It provides quite a light coverage, which isn't for everyone, but I personally like the fact it isn't too heavy!

Like with many lower-end makeup brands, the products from ELF are a big hit and miss. I've had a fairly good experience so far with their eye shadows and blush, however I am not fond of some of their lip glosses. The lip stain I'm wearing is a lovely colour, but it isn't a product I'd buy again in the future. It smudges really easily and I think it's very difficult to apply. Unfortunately I've left my favourite lipstick at my parent's house so had to make do with this, to achieve the bright lip I desired today!

In terms of eye makeup I usually either wear brown / neutral eye shadow, or a pale coloured base with flicked black eye liner. I have been wearing black eyeliner since I was 16 and going through an 'emo' faze haha. It's something I can't ever imagine not wearing. I don't particularly rate the Rimmel Gel Eyeliner, however I'm trying to use it up before I purchase something else. It takes ages to dry, and if you are impatient you may find it prints onto the top of your eyelids - not a good look. I tend to put a little bit of liquid eyeliner on top (effort I know) to keep the product in place. I do think it offers a nice opaque black colour, when it actually stays in place! I always finish off my eyes by applying a couple of layers of mascara. At the moment I'm using a Benefit mascara that I got free with a magazine (a long with the rest of the blogging world I'm sure).

As I said this isn't going to be a weekly thing, I'll just do a 'Friday's Face' post on weeks when I feel like taking a photo of my face! I'm not a beauty expert nor do I have a very big collection of makeup - but I hope you enjoyed this post.


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Keds A/W 2012 collection


Champion CVO Canvas // Pointer Embossed Leather // Varsity Booty Wool // Cream Puff Suede

Today I'm very excited to be sharing a little preview of Keds A/W 2012 collection with you. I am a huge fan of Keds' quirky, stylish designs, and they are the only brand of trainers I wear at the moment! Their fashion driven A/W collection is made up of an assortment of trainers and boots. The designs feature season-appropriate materials including wool, fleece and faux fur, which are guaranteed to keep your tootsies warm and cosy in the colder months ahead of us! As you can see from the image above Keds have a number of styles on offer, taking design inspiration from 'slope style' and the 'urban gardener.' 

In terms of the ladies collection Keds have designed four styles of luxurious winter booties including: the Varsity boot, Sunny Side bootie, Dreamcatcher and Cream Puff. I particularly like the grey Varsity boots (featured above) , though they are also available in black, tan and plaid pattern too. The cream puff suede boots look very snuggly and I reckon if you sprayed them with a waterproofing solution, you may even be able to tackle the snow (if we get any) in these bad boys.

A long with the boots and classic champion designs, Keds have also included the mod-inspired Pointer trainer in their up-coming collection. This sleek and slender design was dug out from the archives and revamped in embossed leather, perfect for winter.

Whereas Keds S/S 12 collection was all about colours and ditsy print, their A/W collection features plaid patterns and darker rural colours, that reflect the season ahead. In yesterday's post I was talking about shaping my A/W wardrobe and after 
seeing this collection, I think the Varsity Boots will fit in just nicely!

UK Stockists:

Knitwear Wishlist

1. Hearts & Bows Colorado Knit // 2. Glamorous Vivian Knit // 3. F&F Ombre Jumper // 4. New Look Chelsa Boxy Jumper
The rubbish weather we have had today in Nottingham, has had me thinking about my Autumn / Winter wardrobe! We really haven't had much of a summer, but I've still managed to wear my pretty summer dresses with tights and cardigans, to keep me warm. My winter wardrobe doesn't vary too much from my summer wardrobe. I still wear my dresses, but I do tend to wear my jeans, jumpers and boots a lot more. 

Ark currently have so many gorgeous jumpers on their website. I love the colours featured in the Hearts & Bows Colorado knit, and have wanted a jumper with elbow patches, like the Glamorous one,  for ages! I've had my eye on the F&F ombre jumper for a while, after seeing a number of bloggers wearing it, but have yet to make the purchase. As I mentioned in a previous post, Tesco have some really lovely things in store at the moment. This weekend I ended up ordering two more dresses from them, which should be delivered tomorrow - exciting! I'll have to try and squeeze in an outfit post, if the weather brightens up.

Do you prefer Spring / Summer clothing or Autumn / Winter?

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Abide: Meadow Girls Collection

You know that feeling you get when you find a fashion label that defines everything you stand for? Well I’ve got that feeling right now. I was recently introduced to ‘Abide,’ a home grown fashion label by Kim McKellar and was completely blown away with her beautiful SS12 collection, ‘Meadow Girls.’

Abide, based in Devon, debuted their first collection this season, which features floaty, delicate pieces made from locally sourced materials, including precious silks, linens and fine jersey. Inspired by the English countryside, ‘Meadow Girls’ incorporates chalky colours and washed pastel shades.

Abide clothing is for women who desire something a little more unique than the collections available to purchase on the high street. Not only does the ‘Meadow Girls’ collection look beautiful, but it also looks comfortable to wear, which is something the company feels is extremely important. On their website they say:

If you can come home and wind down with a cup of hot chocolate on the settee and still be comfortable we have achieved our purpose.’

Being a crafter myself, I appreciate the love and effort that is put into creating each piece. I definitely feel Kim has done herself proud with this collection and I for one can’t wait to see what Abide has in store for A/W.


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Megan Jane Jewellery: Update

I thought I'd share a few of my latest jewellery makes with you, as I have been busy crafting over the last couple of days. I have my first craft fair on 12th August, so I'm feeling both excited and nervous at the same time. I love the opportunities that the internet provides for people with little hobbies / businesses like myself, however I find that many people like to buy jewellery 'in person' as they like to be able to touch it, and see small details up-close. I do try and take as close-up and clear photos as possible for my website, but I am not a photographer, and unfortunately can't afford to pay for a professional at the moment!

Anyway, I hope you like the pieces I've made! I particularly like the bee bracelet, I think I'm going to have to make one to keep myself. Many of the pieces featured above are now available to purchase from the Megan Jane Jewellery store, however if something you like isn't listed, please drop me an email: meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk and we'll sort something out!

Let me know which is your favourite piece - I love to know these things.


PS, If you're from Nottingham (or the surrounding area) and are looking for something fun to do on 12th August, pop along to the Something Different Handmade and Vintage Fair and come say hello!

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