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Calvin Klein Ladies Watch // Marc By Marc Jacobs // Rotary Ladies Watch // Michael Kors
In all honesty, until recently, I had never been much of a 'watch person.' I don't know if it was my fear of people me asking the time, and experiencing that moment of panic when you temporarily forget how to tell the time, or whether I just felt they were unnecessary now that we have our mobile phones glued to our hands throughout each day. Saying that, I did want a bright coloured, tacky Baby G watch from Argos, like every other 10 year old at the time, but thankfully my mother steered me away from them, choosing to purchase a cute charm bracelet instead.

Recently I have been thinking of treating myself to a watch, to wear as an accessory (I know I won't use it to tell the time even it if I'm wearing it) so when I was introduced to a website called 'Watch Warehouse,' I thought it was rather fitting to blog about it. Out of the hundreds of watches I browsed through, the four featured above were the ones that really caught my eye.

Michael Kors
It's funny because when chunky man-like watches became fashionable for women to wear, I really couldn't understand why anyone would want to wear such a heavy watch on their dainty wrist! That was until a few of my friends started to buy the Michael Kors designs and I could totally see how lovely they looked on. I really like the rose gold version, which I have seen featured on quite a few other blogs too. Watch Warehouse were selling it at a discounted price, however I clicked on the website earlier and it seems to have vanished, so maybe they've sold out, due the the amazing price they were offering!

Marc Jacobs
I really like this chic and sophisticated design and think the rose gold trims offer a nice contrast against the clean-cut white strap. This is clearly a feminine watch, but isn't overally girly, making it easy to incorporate into any outfit. 

I can't quite put my finger on why, but I love these sort of  watches. It is probably because they have such a vintage feel to them, and who doesn't like a little vintage eh? I would easily be able to wear a watch like this every day.It looks light, comfortable, and would look great with a tea dress, cardigan and satchel bag.

Calvin Klein
Possibly my favourite out of the four watches above, the Calvin Klein watch is super simple, whilst still looking every bit as fashionable as the more detailed designs. I love the sleek clock face and the versatile tan coloured strap means that you could wear this watch with any outfit. 

Do you wear a designer watch? Which out of the four is your favourite style?


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