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Keds A/W 2012 collection


Champion CVO Canvas // Pointer Embossed Leather // Varsity Booty Wool // Cream Puff Suede

Today I'm very excited to be sharing a little preview of Keds A/W 2012 collection with you. I am a huge fan of Keds' quirky, stylish designs, and they are the only brand of trainers I wear at the moment! Their fashion driven A/W collection is made up of an assortment of trainers and boots. The designs feature season-appropriate materials including wool, fleece and faux fur, which are guaranteed to keep your tootsies warm and cosy in the colder months ahead of us! As you can see from the image above Keds have a number of styles on offer, taking design inspiration from 'slope style' and the 'urban gardener.' 

In terms of the ladies collection Keds have designed four styles of luxurious winter booties including: the Varsity boot, Sunny Side bootie, Dreamcatcher and Cream Puff. I particularly like the grey Varsity boots (featured above) , though they are also available in black, tan and plaid pattern too. The cream puff suede boots look very snuggly and I reckon if you sprayed them with a waterproofing solution, you may even be able to tackle the snow (if we get any) in these bad boys.

A long with the boots and classic champion designs, Keds have also included the mod-inspired Pointer trainer in their up-coming collection. This sleek and slender design was dug out from the archives and revamped in embossed leather, perfect for winter.

Whereas Keds S/S 12 collection was all about colours and ditsy print, their A/W collection features plaid patterns and darker rural colours, that reflect the season ahead. In yesterday's post I was talking about shaping my A/W wardrobe and after 
seeing this collection, I think the Varsity Boots will fit in just nicely!

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  1. I'd love a pair of the varsity boots but in black! Guess whose on twitter instead of writing??? xo

  2. They are lovely in the black too! Haha I'm guessing you are? I decided I'd done enough articles for the day and it was time to do my own blog post! xo

  3. Wow I love the look of these pumps the white ones are a great cheaper alternative to Vans :)


  4. Glad you like them Charlee! xo

  5. this brand sounds amazing. i really like that last shoe <3

  6. They are a pretty awesome brand! Glad you like the Cream Puff Suedes! xo

  7. i love the pair in the top right corner! awesome laces! :) x