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Most Wanted

So yesterday I completely forgot to do my Monday's Most Wanted and it was only the second week - such a bad blogger! I had one in mind so rather than waiting until next Monday, I thought I'd share it today instead. Recently I did a post on a British company called Abide and their first collection for S/S '12 called 'Meadow Girls.' I have recently been given a sneak peak of their A/W '12 collection and it is truly lovely. Just see for yourself...

Key pieces from Abide's A/W collection
The second collection from Abide bares some similarities to the previous collection in terms of colour and femininity, however it includes pieces like the 'Emma' cape, which are sure to keep you cosy in the winter months. Each piece is made from purely British materials, which I personally think makes them that little bit more special. I particularly like the dipped hem dress featured in the middle image - I've actually been looking to buy a dipped dress and think this one is perfect! I also love the lemon yellow dress, paired with the grey woolly knee highs.

Have you checked out Abide's website? What do you think of their lovely designs?

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  1. oh how adorable does this collection look?! definitely off to check them out now!

  2. the colors are cute! seems like a great collection

  3. There's WAY too man dipped hem dresses about that you just can't decide which one to buy! The one in the middle does look different, wouldn't hesistate to purchase!