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Nottingham's 48 Hours of Fashion Event

Image credit to: It's In Nottingham
Event Dates: 12-13th October 2012
I'm excited to tell you about a fashion event that will be taking place in Nottingham this October! The Nottingham Retail Business Improvement District (or BID if that's too much of a mouthful) has revealed their plans for a fashion event on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th October. It is to be called '48 hours of Fashion' and it's hoped that it will further enhance Nottingham's reputation as being a major fashion centre, showcasing some of the city's finest fashion designers and retailers. Here in Nottingham you'll find all of the main fashion retailers and department stores, as well as independent fashion labels, ensuring shoppers are spoilt for choice!

There will be four different parts to the event:

Fashion Shows at Broadmarsh Shopping Centre & The Exchange
There will be stunning choreographed performances from talented models and dancers, styled by some of Nottingham's top fashion retailers. Shows will run throughout the day, and if (I say if) we have nice weather, they will also be performing in the streets.

Style Hub
BID will be setting up a Style Hub in the Victoria Centre. Here you can use the body scanner for in-depth body shape analysis and also be treated to free hair and beauty mini makeovers. There will also be stylists on hand to talk about the trends for A/W 2012.

48 Hour Wardrobe
Over at the Broadmarsh shopping centre and The Exchange there will also be a '48 Hours of Fashion Wardrobe' which will present the pick of this season's collections. You will also be able to watch presentations from stylists about what they believe are wardrobe staples for the coming A/W season.

Fashion Ambassadors
Both male and female fashion ambassadors will be roaming the city streets, styled in gorgeous winter coats, for the coming season. They will be promoting the events directly to the public whilst they go about doing their shopping.

There will be plenty of special offers and retailer specific events during the event, giving you a chance to really indulge in and celebrate Nottingham's finest fashion retailers.

I'm really looking forward to the event and will definitely be popping along to watch the fashion shows (blog photos a plenty!) and treat myself to a mini makeover! Who's joining me?


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  1. My boyfriend was at uni in Nottingham so I used to visit all the time, but he graduated this year!
    Considering coming down for this though, it looks so much fun :)

  2. YES! Im moving to Nottingham on October to start my degree, so I will definitely be attending this!
    - Keyta x

  3. Danielle - It sounds like it's going to be a great weekend. I'll keep everyone updated when I know more :)

    Keyta - That's awesome! Are you going to Nottingham or Trent? I've just graduated from Trent :)


  4. Yes, I read your bio and turns out I'm on the same course that you studied - Broadcast journalism at NTU. Super excited
    - Keyta x

  5. Keyta - Oh that's awesome! If you ever need any help / advice you can always drop me an email :)

  6. this event sounds so fun! :) x

  7. Vicki - It should be! I'm looking forward to it! xo

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