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Gorgeous jewellery from Seasons Online

1. Carriage Pendant // 2. Parisian Cafe Necklace // 3. Metal Collar Necklace //
 4. Seven Dwarfs Necklace // 5. Moustache Stud Earrings // 6. Pearl Collar Necklace
I don't know about you but I love jewellery that is a little different and has the ability to put a smile on my face. It's not often that I buy jewellery on the high street or online, because I tend to wear either sentimental pieces that I have received on special occasions or the jewellery that I make myself. However saying this, when I do see something ultimately unique and quirky, like some of the pieces stocked by Seasons Online I find myself giving in to my temptations and have to make them mine. 

Seasons Online stock a range of fashion and costume jewellery, as well as other girly things like nail gels and hair accessories. The pieces they stock are similar to the jewellery you see on the high street, but for much fairer prices! I sometimes think that high street stores put a slightly hefty price tag on their jewellery, especially to say it has been massed produced, however Seasons Online offer very reasonable prices for their jewellery - the earrings featured above are just £2.99 and the collars £9.99 and £12.99 respectively. 

Two of the pieces that really caught my eye were the 'Parisian Cafe Scene' necklace and the Disney-inspired  'Seven Dwarfs' necklace. I have never seen anything quite like the Parisian Cafe Scene necklace, it would certainly be a talking point! I would wear it with a plain top or dress to draw attention to it's beauty. I am always drawn to Disney inspired jewellery, having loved it so much as a child. I think this Seven Dwarfs necklace is so quirky and would look lovely poking out under a peter pan collared dress.

Although I only stock pieces that I have designed and made myself in my online jewellery store, I know a lot of bloggers have 'blog shops' where they sell jewellery and accessories that they love and that
fit in with their own personal style. I thought it might be useful to know that Seasons Online actually sell wholesale costume jewellery as well, if anyone would be interested stocking pieces like those featured above!



  1. Love this, can't believe I hadn't heard of them before :)

  2. The pearl collar is gorgeous! Xo