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Most Wanted: Dahlia dresses

Brocade Pleated dress // Organza Overlay dress // Pinafore dress
Dahlia, beautiful Dahlia, their dresses are the definition of perfection. The three featured above are from their A/W collection and I adore each and every one of them. Brocade items seem to be a 'must-have' for the season ahead and it looks like collars are still every bit as desirable. I love the girlyness of the organza overlay dress, which also comes in navy and white, perfect for those who struggle to wear pale pinks. I also really love the mustard pinafore dress, though I can't seem to see it on the website at the moment, so I have linked to the navy version, which is equally as lovely. I love how they've paired it with pointed wedges and a white blouse to achieve a school-girl-chic look. I bought a beautiful pink heart print dress from Dahlia last Christmas and it is still one of my weekly-wears! I can definitely vouch for the quality of their clothing and it is easily one of the most beautiful dresses I own.

Are these dresses on your most wanted list?


  1. Dahlia dresses really are too lovely :) they have good sales so I always wait for those! xo

  2. I love Dahlia and I have so much on my wishlist from there including the middle dress! However I do not like the prices on the site :(


  3. Ah! I love Dahlia so much! I've not checked out their new arrivals - I'm going to have a browse now, i really like that dress on the left hand side! (i like them AAAALLLLL!!!) xxx

  4. These dresses are adorable!

    I'm off to check out their site now.


  5. Rachel - They do! I'm desperate to get my hands on another dress. I really love the brocade one.

    Lucy - I guess they are a little more expensive that some of the other stores, but their quality is amazing and their designs beautiful. I may still have to wait for a sale though haha!

    Sarah - They're amazing aren't they!? I love how excited you sound!!

    Julie - Hope you like what you find - I'm sure you will!


  6. If I was rich I would buy all of these! So beautiful.x

  7. Oh my goodness, I'm so in love with Dahlia dresses and that first one is especially adorable... love the vintage vibe!! Hope your week is lovely!! xo V