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Summer in the city

Floral Print Dress - F&F // Wedges - New Look  // Bag & Belt - H&M 

Romantic Red Rose Birdcage - Megan Jane Jewellery
So just as we thought summer had left us and everyone was getting ready for winter coats and faux fur cuffed boots, the sun decided to grace us with its presence! Not realising how warm it was this morning, I went out in jeans, a cardigan AND a coat - big mistake. I soon changed when I got home. I keep giggling at the first photo above, as it looks like I'm trying to hide something up my dress! This wasn't the case, I promise, the wind just blew at a really inappropriate moment. This lovely little day dress is one I picked up from Tesco for a very reasonable £15. It has a lovely peter pan collar and little buttons down the front. I teamed it with my sandy coloured wedges, which have made my legs look even more like milk bottles (not good) and my bright red bag. My red bag from H&M is HUGE, I think I could probably sit in it, though I can't say I've tried...

I'm having a barbecue (if the weather holds out) at my parent's house tomorrow to celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary, which was actually a couple of weeks ago, however the weather was too rubbish to do it then. I am looking forward to sitting in the sun, drinking a glass or two of wine and eating as many vegetarian burgers as I can!

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  1. This is such a pretty outfit, I love that bag.

    - Keyta x

  2. such a pretty outfit!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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  3. hehe darn the wind, I'm always clutching my skirt or dress! Love the bag :) xx

  4. Pretty outfit, enjoy the bbq hope the weater is good.


  5. Such a lovely outfit! Hope the sun stays out for your BBQ :) X

  6. Love that dress. Surprised it came from Tesco. Lovely outfit.

  7. Love that necklace, so cute!! x


  8. LOVE the bag :) I had a white leather one from H&M years ago, it's a really similar style to that one x

  9. Keyta - Thanks lovely! xo
    Helen - Thank you! :) xo
    Rachel - Haha, it blew at the most inappropriate time, but it was one of the only photos I liked, so thought I'd use it anyway! xo
    Jess - Thanks, luckily we had great weather! xo
    Milly - Thanks lovely! The sun stayed out :) we had a lovely afternoon xo
    Gladys - Thank you lovely, glad you like it! xo
    Hollie-Anne - I've had this bag for years and it still gets used every week. I usually take it when I'm visiting my mum as it fits everything in, including my laptop! xo