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Ultra - modern Arty Furniture


This week I wrote an article for a designer furniture company and it got me thinking about my 'dream home' again. So when I was asked to post about Harrogate Interiors, I thought the topic would be quite fitting! I have always been into kitsch / retro, quite cute 'homely' furniture, but this week I have been looking at more modernistic designs which feature abstract shapes and colour, looking like pieces of art in their own right.

I'm going to be honest, the furniture featured in the images above is currently out of my price range, but I can certainly draw upon the designs for inspiration. I particularly love the chic pink Italia Glass tables, which would stand out beautifully against a monochrome colour scheme. I also love the Calligaris fold-down table, which is perfect for houses with small dining areas - I could have done with this in my house! I think this piece of furniture would also work well as a desk, should you wish to use it that way instead.

Granted, not all of the pieces scream 'homely' (especially the furniture featured in the last three images) but I guess it all depends on the type of home you want to live in. Do you prefer houses with a homely / traditional feel, or are you all for arty / modern interiors? I personally think its best to strike a balance between the two! As much as a I love kitsch / retro furniture, it can often look too mix-match and a little cluttered if you are not careful, whereas modern, minimalistic furniture tends to look more clean-cut and stylish.

How would you design your dream home? Do you prefer a more traditional look or something that screams DESIGNER like the homes seen in home interior magazines?
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  1. the pieces are gorgeous. I'm a more traditional sort when it comes to interiors although I don't like things too cluttered! xx

  2. I keep swaying between the two! I know that when I do finally buy a house, James my boyfriend is going to want it modern. There's no reason I guess why I can't make it modern with a vintage twist! Haha! Thanks for your comment sweet xo