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Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Review


I recently registered on the 'What's in My Handbag' website and was lucky enough to get to try the Yves Saint Laurent False Lash Effect mascara, or should I say 'Mascara Volume Effect Faucx Cils.' I am not one to usually use 'high end' makeup, the main reason being that I don't feel I can justify the money most of the time, however since this was a free sample, I was eager to see what all of the fuss was about. 

I have to say I was completely surprised - the YSL mascara is the best mascara I have EVER used! I like my lashes to look really long and dramatic (like false lashes) so this mascara was perfect for me. I already have quite long lashes anyway, but I like to use mascaras that thicken the lashes, with a pure black colour. The  YSL mascara feels quite wet, but I find it really easy to apply and it doesn't feel heavy at all. I  know some people have said it doesn't dry quick enough, but I haven't found this to be the case. You can get away with just dipping the applicator in once and using it for both eyes, however I sometimes like to add a couple of coats, to get the over dramatic lash look that I like to have.

The full size mascara comes in luxurious gold packaging and retails at around £23.00. I have found it for a couple of pounds cheaper on both Feel Unique and Cheap Smells, who also offer free standard UK delivery. Although £23 may seem way too expensive for a mascara (especially if you're used to buying drug store brands like me) I would definitely be more than happy to pay this for the YSL mascara, as it really is the best mascara I have come across for the sort of lash look I desire.

Have you tried this mascara? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below! Oh and if you would like to sign up to What's in My Handbag for the chance to try some of the latest beauty products yourself, feel free to follow my special link here.
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  1. I got this as well from what's in my handbag and I love it. I'll probably be getting the full size when this dries up too!
    So chuffed when I saw I'd got the sample - I try and fail every week with WIMH.

  2. Ohhh i really want to get this your eyelashes look amazing!

  3. Danielle - I am definitely purchasing the full size too, I love it! I was so excited to get the sample too, it's the only one I have so far :) xo

    Sofia - Thanks lovely - I can't recommend it enough, it's amazing! xo