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Amazing Pants & Amazing Women: Who Made Your Pants?

Aimee Shorts // Rosalind Shorts
Before you ask, no I am not writing a 'what's in my handbag' style post, telling you where each of pair of my pants are from. Don't you worry. I am in fact going to tell you all about a wonderful, inspirational company that I was introduced to last week. Who Made Your Pants is a Southampton based lingerie brand who create jobs for women that have had a hard time. They teach the women how to make the pants, enabling them to learn new skills. They also arrange training for women who are interested in other aspects of business like marketing and finance. Who Made Your Pants is all about creating gorgeous pants from the left-over fabric that bigger companies would simply class as 'waste.' Looking at the image above, I think you'll agree that there pants are simply divine and rival those seen in any high street stores. However, unlike with high street stores, you actually know who has made your pants. The company even tag their pants, so you can enter a unique code on their website, which will tell you who was working on that day!
Who works at 'Who Made Your Pants'?
The women employed at Who Made Your Pants are primarily refugees from countries where there have  been wars. Many of the women are considered to be vulnerable, so Who Made Your Pants provides a women-only work space, where they can relax, learn and socialise with their new friends on their breaks.  The company are all about supporting their workers and empowering women both in and outside the workplace.
The Pants
I couldn't possibly put it better than what is written on the Who Made Your Pants website so here goes:
'They're not bedroom pants, seduction pants or hello boys (or girls) pants - they are a little bit of gorgeous, just for you, every day.'
They currently make two styles; the Aimee shorts, which are available in a range of colours and sizes (size 8 - 18) and the new Rosalind shorts, which are currently only available in black. Who Made Your Pants have designed their knickers with the perfect fit in mind, ensuring that they are both comfortable and practical to wear (no VPLs woo!) 
I absolutely love the Aimee shorts and will definitely be purchasing a pair in the near future. I think you'll agree that the whole concept of the brand is truly wonderful and I hope you too will support their  wonderful business model, by treating yourself, your mum, aunty, sister or best friend to a new pair of gorgeous pants.
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  1. I recently found out about WMYP too. I was very excited this morning when my first purchase from them turned up in a lovely little box. It really felt like they were sending me a present to say thank you for buying from them and supporting them. Can't wait to wear them :-)

  2. That is a fantastic idea, what a great way to help and support vunerable women! Xo

  3. Such an amazing idea! :)


  4. Lovely post!



  5. This is a great idea , with a admirable message and it has a great product at the end of it. Great post xx Lizz