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Birthday Treats

Enrapture Totem Styler // Amazon Kindle // Polka Dot Kindle Cover // Anna Sui Perfume // Body Shop Baked Eye Colour // Body Shop Lipsticks // YSL Mascara


Soft Peony Colour Glide Lip Colour // Brilliant Red Colour Glide Lip Colour from the Body Shop


Topshop Biker Jacket
I thought I would do a little post on some of the lovely gifts I received on my 22nd birthday! Although I am not sure where some of the items were bought, I have linked to websites where the items are available, just in case you want to treat yourself!

Amazon Kindle, Cover & Books
I have wanted an Amazon Kindle ever since my mum got hers for Christmas. I don't really have room to store actual books in my house, so this is such a handy little thing! I often find it difficult to read off computer screens, however the Kindle's screen is so different and makes it really easy to read without discomfort or eye strain.  I have got Fifty Shades of Grey (don't judge) to read as well as the Hunger Games trilogy - I am refusing to watch the film until I've read the first book. If you have a book you want to recommend to me, feel free to leave it in the comments below! Oh and how adorable is the cover my parents bought for it?

Enrapture Totem Styler
I have wanted this hair tool ever since I read Lily's review of it over on her blog. I love wearing my hair curly, especially now it is much longer, so I was eager to see what the Enrapture Totem Styler could do! I have to say I have been impressed so far, it heats up in a couple of seconds and the curls form so easily. I have only used in on the settings 1.1.2 at the moment, as I don't like my curls to be too defined at the top. I asked my brother to purchase this for me months ago as it was half price! Amazon now have it on for around £47 which is a little more affordable than the original price which was £70+

It was about time I got some new lipsticks so I was so pleased to receive these beautiful colourglide lipsticks from the Bodyshop. The peony pink is a gorgeous girly colour, perfect for everyday wear. I also adore the shade of 'Brilliant Red' and will definitely be wearing this when I am going for a classic look. The lipsticks are so easy to apply and I have found them to stay on for quite a while, even after drinks! Strangely enough I think they taste of tea (which I love) has anyone else found this? 

I'm so in love with the baked eye shadow. The colours are perfect for my skin tone and they are both so highly pigmented, with a slight shimmer. I've been wearing them everyday!

I also received the full size YSL mascara, which I was desperate for after falling in love with a sample size one I got from What's In My Handbag - review here.

Anna Sui
This was such a surprise as I didn't expect my brother to buy me another present after so kindly treating me to the totem styler! I have loved Anna Sui perfumes for years and used to wear 'Sui Dreams' on a daily basis. I had never tried her 'classic' perfume before, but I have to say I LOVE it. Fruity, refreshing and perfect for everyday wear.

Biker Jacket
Finally we have my new favourite item of clothing - my Topshop biker jacket. I have wanted a jacket like this for so long as it is perfect for teaming with a girly dress, to create a more edgy look. I have already found that it goes with so many of my outfits and is perfect for slipping over my 'night out' dresses, now that the weather has got a little chilly.

So there we have it! I hope you enjoyed this little post on my birthday treats. I apologise for not doing Monday's Most Wanted and Tuesday Shoesday this week but I have been so crazy busy with freelance work. Oh and one last thing please click on the banner on my sidebar and give my mum your vote in the #SYTYCW competition. It only takes two seconds and voting closes tomorrow - she has worked so hard and I would love for her to get through to the next round.

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  1. happy belated birthday! looks like you got some lovely things, the makeup bits in particular are gorgeous, lovely shades! and would looove to see a full review of the enrapture totem styler, had my eye on it for a while now :) that biker jacket really suits you, hope you had a great birthday :) xxx

  2. Happy belatated birthday my lovely!

    You look stunning as per usual :)

    You received some gorgeous items for your birthday. WELL JEL! I need the Enrapture Totem Styler in my life!!! x

  3. Happy (belated!) birthday! You look lovely, I love the jacket :)
    The Hunger games trilogy is so good! Addictive, I read them all in 2 days. xx

  4. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! :D Aww Id love to get the YSL mascara! All the things you got are lovely!
    Sofia x

  5. Nicola - Thanks Nicola! I will definitely do a full review of the totem styler once I have had a proper play around with it and tried out all of the settings!

    Halima - Aww thansk lovely! I love the totem styler, it's so easy to use!

    Laura - Thank you so much! I haven't started on the Hunger Games yet cus I know I will get addicted to reading it and have so much work to do this week haha.

    Sofia - Thank you my lovely!! The YSL mascara is amazing, especially in full size, it is so much easier to use. My friend actually thought I was wearing false lashes the other day, but it was just this mascara.


  6. That jacket is gorgeous! Want one.
    Erica xo


  7. Happy belated Birthday :)x
    I love all the presents you got! Let's hope I get as many cute things for my birthday next month!

    Pastel Bokeh

  8. love the color of the dark red lipstick!

  9. Hope you had a lovely birthday!
    Those lipsticks look gorgeous and I love the perfume bottle too! :D

    Jesss xo

  10. Ooh lovely you got some fab things. I'm gradually thinking that a Kindle would be quite a nice item to have. Love the look of the lippies too! xo

  11. hope you had an excellent bday! love those lipsticks

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  12. Erica - Thanks lovely! It was such a good price from Topshop!
    Annalise - Thank you! I hope you do too!
    Dilan - It's so lovely, can't wait to wear it :)
    Jesss - Thanks lovely, I did! xo
    Rachel - I love my Kindle, for some reason it just makes reading more effortless!
    Helen - Thanks Helen!

  13. Happy Birthday! A bit late but nevermind! You got some lovely things, loving the look of the Body Shop make-up! xx

  14. You should get some Jodi Picoult on your kindle, it's addictive reading.

  15. I have the Enrapture hair curler and i love it.