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Luxury hair accessories from Stone Bridge

Super Comfy Triple Headband // Oriente large barrette c/o of Stone Bridge 
Just before I moved house I was sent two gorgeous hair accessories from the lovely team at Stone Bridge. With all the craziness of moving house I have only just got round to doing my post, but here it is finally!

A little bit about Stone Bridge
Stone Bridge is a small business based in England, specialising in luxury hair accessories. The majority of their hair accessories are made by small family owned businesses in France and Italy, however some are hand-forged in England and others are hand stitched in Canada and the US by designers who have had their work appear in Hollywood films and major international TV series! They care about their customers (and healthy hair), only selling hair accessories that are both aesthetically pleasing and made to the highest standards.

Stone Bridge's prices are what I would consider as high end for hair accessories, however they reflect the level of hand crafting that has gone into each item, which I completely appreciate, especially now I have
tried the accessories for myself. What I really like about Stone Bridge is the personal unique customer service they offer. If you are unsure about the type of hair accessories that are suitable for your hair you can simply fill in a short consult form and they will get back to you with a selection of perfect hair accessories for your hair type.


Super Comfy Triple Headband
After my consult I was provided with a selection of hair accessories to choose from. Despite the fact I have not worn a headband for ages, I was intrigued to find out whether this headband lived up to the name 'super comfy' as in the past I have found headbands to hurt the sides of my head by my ears, after wearing them for a while. I have to say I am so impressed! The headband moulds to the shape of my head, but doesn't press against it, so there is no discomfort at all, even after hours of wear. I also love how lightweight the headband is, it doesn't even feel like you are wearing one. Even though there are no grips on the bottom of the headband it doesn't slide around at all and simply sits where it should, keeping my hair in place. I decided to go for 'graphite' as the colour compliments my dark brown hair, however it is also available in lighter colours with stunning textured finishes.


Oriente Large Barrette
In recent years I haven't really worn hair accessories. I used to wear flowers when they were in fashion a couple of years ago and before that head bands and bows, so it has been fun experimenting with the two items that Stone Bridge kindly sent me to review. The Oriente large barrette features a chic tribal pattern, which looks great against my dark brown hair. I used it to pin parts of my hair back when I worn it curly and it kept it in position all day, without snagging or pulling! I am really impressed with how well made the barrette is and the amount of hair it can hold! I have fairly fine hair, but there is a lot of it, but I found that if I  wanted to I could pin it all back with the oriente large barrette. You can use a hair accessory like this to do many different things with your hair, and I am certainly looking forward to trying new styles out.

My other favourites
After spending a while browsing Stone Bridge's website I found so many beautiful hair accessories that I would love to add to my collection! I think this Opal Paisley Crystal barrette has to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I can't imagine how long it took the designer to make it, with a total of 237 crystals featured in each barrette. Unfortunately it is completely out of my price range - but a girl can dream! I also particularly like the bauble scrunchie which is very reasonably priced and the Torque silk headband which is another ultimate luxury.

Stone Bridge have a wide range of high end luxury hair accessories including barrettes, headbands, elastics, combs, clips and clamps. Pop over to their website, do the consult and treat yourself to something special! xo


  1. These are lovely!! I'm a little obsessed with buying hair accessories despite never using many xx


  2. I love the look of the hair band. I also get sore around the sides on my head after wearing a hair band for a while so I am intrigued that these are supposed to be comfy! x


  3. Dilan - Thank you! They are so lovely and comfortable! xo

    January Sublime - Thanks ladies! (Wasn't sure which one of you sent the comment). As I said in the post, I haven't bought any for a while, but I think I'm getting back into wearing them now, especially since I've got for such a relaxed / ordinary hair style since changing to centre parting! xo

    Jayne - Thanks lovely! Definitely recommend the headband in terms of comfort! xo